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IoT in Telecommunications: Challenges, Opportunities, Benefits & The Future

The rise of IoT has offered telecom operators another chance to spring into action. If the telecom industry makes the most of IoT, availing the USP that edge computing and 5G offers them, they can have huge potential profits of more than $600 billion by 2022, as per Accenture…


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The Data Science Project Life Cycle Explained

As Covid-19 continues to shape the global economy, analytics and business intelligence (BI) projects can help organisations prepare and implement strategies to navigate the crisis. According to the Covid-19 Impact Survey by Dresner Advisory Services, most respondents believe that …


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Best JavaScript Frameworks for 2021

According to Stackoverflow's 2021 Developer Survey,…


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Optimize your Website with these Five everyday SEO Tasks

Time is money. What if you lack both? 

Small business owners deal with a lot of work and don’t have the resources to hire someone to do these tasks. Secondly, they are usually on a very tight budget. Therefore, hiring someone…


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When it comes to Kubernetes, data mobility is the game changer

To repeat a commonly used adagetoday every company is a technology company. Regardless of whether you are making computer chips or paper pulp, you are using technology, software and IT infrastructure to bring your…


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DSC Weekly Digest 19 April 2021


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Risk Management Plan: What Is It and How To Write?

Planning is a path to success in business. Companies create a risk management strategy each time they begin a project because risks are an unavoidable part of any project. This document also aids in the identification of the gaps that may contribute to risk occurrence. Do you have a risk management plan for an upcoming…


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How a Data Catalog Enables Data Democratization

For many organizations, data is a business asset that’s owned by the IT department. Based on this ‘data ownership’ model, there’s limited access to data across the organization, and no transparency around what’s available internally.



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Finger On The PULSE: Using AI To Turn Blurry Images Into Hi-Res CGI Faces

For all the photographers out there who haven’t mastered the art of the steady hand: this one’s for you. Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina have applied an AI-based solution…


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A Guide to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Scalable & Secure Cloud Services

So even before we put forward and present a case for AWS, why it should be used and most importantly the staggering benefits that come along, it is important to take a stock of who all are using it ?

Well from…


Added by Amit Dogra on April 19, 2021 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

Unusual Opportunities for AI, Machine Learning, and Data Scientists

Here some off-the-beaten-path options to consider, when looking for a first job, a new job or extra income by leveraging your machine learning experience. Many were offers that came to my mailbox at some point in the last 10 years, mostly from people looking at my LinkedIn profile. Thus the importance of growing your network and visibility, write…


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The Megatrends Driving Demand for Datacenter Compute

The field of information technology loves to prove that the only constant is change. What intensifies the truth of this axiom is that we are living in the greatest period of technological change that humans have experienced so far. Any one of the several megatrends that are occurring simultaneously could be viewed…


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Why many financial services professionals use alternative data every day (and the rest wish they could)

It’s no secret that when you seek trustworthy information on which to base your business and investment strategy, traditional and internal data sources, such as quarterly earnings reports, are no longer enough. This is especially the case when it comes to the financial services world. These stalwarts of a previous era can’t keep up with the…


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The Pros and Cons of RDF-Star and Sparql-Star

For regular readers of the (lately somewhat irregularly published) The Cagle Report, I've finally managed to get my feet underneath me at Data Science Central, and am gearing up with a number of new initiatives, including a video interview program that I'm getting underway as soon as I can get the last of the physical infrastructure (primarily…


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Unusual Applications of Data Science

  • A round up of unusual applications of data science from recent academic journals,
  • Four examples far outside the usual realm of finance, professional services, and IT.
  • Applications range from tracking surgical tools to assessing suicide risk.

Tens of thousands data science research articles are published each year in…


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An overview of Virtual reality applications and their future impact on AI

In the last post, I discussed about augmented reality applications and their implications for AI

In this post, I will discuss virtual realty applications

I am very interested in combining AR/ VR with the Digital twin based on my work at the #universityofoxford

Both these ideas (AR+VR and also the Digital Twin) add a…


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Unleashing the Business Value of Technology Part 3: Envisioning Value

In part 1 of the 4-part blog series, “Unleashing the Business Value of Technology Part 1: Framing the Challenge”, I introduced the 3 stages of “unleashing business value”:  1) Connecting to Value, 2) Envisioning Value and 3)…


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Types of Saas Solutions: Categories and Examples

What is software as a service (SaaS)?

SaaS is web-based software accessible through the internet. Since SaaS adopts cloud computing technology, there’s no need for installing desktop applications — users simply subscribe to a service hosted on a remote server. For example, Netflix is a B2C SaaS platform that offers licensed videos on-demand…


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The Future of Medical Software Development.

2020 demonstrated how helpless humankind could be when facing an epidemic. It is clear now that healthcare systems in many countries need to be transformed. And this transformation is impossible without leading-edge technology as the challenges are enormous. Like many other spheres, healthcare is undergoing a…


Added by Yulia Kondratyuk on April 16, 2021 at 4:00am — 2 Comments

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