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How Chatbots Are Helping In The Battle Against Covid-19?

You might have seen how technologies are serving us in multiple fields and situations whether it is Artificial intelligence, ML or Blockchain. Technologies like artificial intelligence did not leave us alone when are suffering through a disaster like Covid19.…


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New Algorithm For Density Estimation and Noise Reduction

KernelML - Hierarchical Density Factorization


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Digital Transformed Business Models Go Beyond Win-Win

A recent article in BusinessWeek titled “Farmers Fight John Deere Over Who Gets to Fix an $800,000 Tractor” highlights a key challenge with which organizations must wrestle on their Digital Transformation journey: how to create win-win scenarios for one’s customers.

The article asks, “Who really owns a John Deere? Is it the farmer who pays $800,000 for it, or the company that won’t let the farmer fix it on their own?”

As a good old Iowa boy (Charles City, IA), I can…


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Promising Careers for Data Scientist Besides the Data Science Industry

You’re a data scientist, but you didn’t end up in the data science industry.

Are you worried about not making it?

Fret not, we’ve got multiple career options molded perfectly for you.

Ever since data science and big data analytics became the buzzwords in the industry, career options in these fields never went amiss. Job roles in both the data science and the big data analytics industry continue to reign as some of the most coveted jobs a tech professional could…


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Speedup by 10x the Hyperparameter tuning of ML applications on Kubeflow using FPGAs

Kubernetes is a great system for handling clusters of containers (whether on cloud or on-premise), but deploying and managing containerized applications for ML can be a challenging task.

Kubeflow is known as a machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes. It is an open source project used for making deployments of machine learning workflows on Kubernetes…


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Predictability of Life Outcomes - Guess We Can’t Predict Everything

Summary: Whether trying to predict the life outcomes of disadvantaged kids or to model where ventilators will be most needed, a little humility is in order.  As this study shows, the best data and the broadest teams failed at critical predictions.  Getting the model wrong, or more importantly using it in the wrong way can hurt all of us.



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Steps of Hypothesis Testing in One Picture

Hypothesis testing can be an overwhelming topic to grasp if you're new to the subject. As well as dealing with all of the different terminology, you have to perform several steps to run a test. Even if you use software, you have decisions to make at each step, such as what you're testing in the first place and what kind of wiggle room for error you're…


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50 Must-Read Free Books For Every Data Scientist in 2020

50 Must-Read Free Books For Every Data Scientist in 2020

Data science is an inter-disciplinary field which contains methods and techniques from fields like statistics, machine learning, Bayesian etc. They all aim to generate specific insights from the…


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Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionary Change for All Business Sector

Today almost all modern technologies are in full swing, and one such technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This modern technology just looks like a science fiction story, but presently it is more closer to that. Most of the businesses and entrepreneurs are putting efforts to integrate this advanced technology within their working environment.

According to market research…


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Weekly Digest, April 6

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  

Featured Resources and Technical…


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Artificial Intelligence strategy for SMEs: A pragmatic approach


Is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy feasible for SMEs? (Small to Medium Enterprises)?

In this post, we present a pragmatic approach for SMEs to consider AI (at low cost)

To provide some context - What is AI? - We use the following definitions

Machine Learning means…


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The 17 equations that changed the course of history

This article was written by Andy Kiersz.

From Ian Stewart's book, these 17 math equations changed the course of human history

  • A 2013 book by mathematician and science author Ian Stewart looked at 17 mathematical equations that shaped our understanding of the…

Added by Andrea Manero-Bastin on April 3, 2020 at 7:00am — 1 Comment

Bayesian Model for COVID-19 Spread Prediction

Bayesian Model for COVID-19 Spread Prediction

At present time, there are different methods, approaches, data sets for for modeling COVID-19 spread [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. For the predictive analytics of COVID-19 spread, we used a logistic curve model. Such model is very popular nowadays. To estimate model parameters, we used Bayesian regression [7, 8, 9]. This approach allows us to receive a posterior distribution of model parameters…


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Thursday News, April 2

This is our selection of featured articles and technical contributions posted since Monday:

Technical Resources


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Earth Observation Market to Grow with Popularity of Cosmological and Meteorological Research

The global earth observation market is expected to grow at a sturdy pace in the times to follow. Advancements in meteorology have been at the helm of market growth and maturity. The study of the planetary motion of the earth around other planets holds immense interest for several organizations. Moreover, the study of the earth’s rotation and revolution is the basis of various inferences made by meteorologists. In this scenario, it is safe to expect that the global earth observation market is…


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Predicting Smart Meters’ Next Non-Communicative Day


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Rigett's New Quantum Optimized Compiler

Check out the following paper unveiled last night in ArXiv:

An Open-Source, Industrial-Strength Optimizing Compiler for Quantum Programs, by Robert S. Smith, Eric C. Peterson, Mark G. Skilbeck, Erik J. Davis.

This is an exciting development for me since I have been a proponent and practitioner of the art of quantum compilers for a long time.

The new "optimized quantum compiler" by Rigetti is a computer program that tackles the problem of…


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Little Blue Pearl

Little Blue Pearl - named after our planet - has kept me occupied for several days during my 14-day Coronavirus isolation. It is fully functional although I suppose it needs a makeover in terms of its appearance. Like a child after summer break, this is going to be my show-and-tell. LBP is designed to…


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Using Data To Combat COVID-19

#FlattenTheCurve. #StayHome. #QuarantineLife. They’ve all been trending, and it seems like everybody knows that it’s time to stay at home, indoors, and as far apart (physically) as possible. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, the worst we’ve seen in a century, yet we still see people out and about, on the streets, congregating in large groups, against the unambiguous advice of experts and health professionals.…


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