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MBA guide: 8 resources to go from the spreadsheet to the command line

This article was written by Daniel McAuley.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking on a few panels about analytics to my fellow MBA students and alumni, as well as many Penn undergrads. After these talks, I’ve been asked for my advice on what the best resources are for someone coming from the business world (i.e.,…


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The most underutilized function in SQL

This article was written by Tristan Handy.

Over the past nine months I’ve worked with over a dozen venture-funded startups to build out their internal analytics. In doing so, there’s a single SQL function that I have come to use surprisingly often. At first it wasn’t at all clear to me why I would want to use this function, but as time goes on I have found ever more uses for…


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Demystifying the AI Infrastructure Stack


As companies increase their investments in artificial intelligence (AI), there is growing pressure on developers and engineers to deploy AI projects more quickly and at greater scale across the enterprise.


Simply evaluating the ever-expanding universe of AI tools and services— often designed for different users and purposes—is a significant challenge in this growing and fast-moving environment.


To address this challenge, we have created the AI…


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Best And Worst Cases Of Machine Learning Algo

What are the best and worst cases where machine learning algorithms can be applied? Can anyone help me in this?

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Market Mix Modeling (MMM) in times of Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought misery to the world, many lives have been lost, cities wear a deserted look and economies are on the verge of collapse.…


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Top Machine Learning Tools for Easy Development

Let’s start with some simple real-lie examples that we’re sure you all must have experienced. 

You watch Netflix and it offers you viewing suggestions.

Twitter shows you relevant tweets on your timelines instead of recent ones.

Quora offers specific answers to all types of questions you…


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Book: [email protected] - The greatest data stories ever told!

My new ebook about Agile, AI, data, deep learning, IT and much more.

Highly polemic, contrarian and insightful. It informs, educates and entertains. It incites thought, reflection and reassessment. It’s delightfully seductive, easy to read and hard to put down. And there’s a lot of it. So, you won’t be left…


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Thursday News, April 23

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted since Monday:



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Deep Learning: Leverage Transfer Learning


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Divide and Conquer Algorithm


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Why Data Is Not The Next Oil

Marketing, at least in the IT sector, has been replaced by memes. Every so often a Gartner slide deck goes viral, and the next thing anyone knows, pithy and mostly meaningless phrases and sayings are driving Fortune 500 strategies. Execs commit to multi-billion-dollar initiatives to make sure that their companies are perceived as being hip or cool (or,…


Added by Kurt A Cagle on April 21, 2020 at 1:24pm — 1 Comment

How COVID-19 is Likely to Change Your AI Strategy

Summary:  COVID-19 and the changes it creates in the business environment for the next 12 to 24 months means our current AI strategies need to thoroughly reviewed and probably retargeted.


Whether you are a Zoom-connected CXX level living out your WFH isolation or one the ‘fortunates’ in essential industries…


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Dynamic Pricing – Its Time Is Now: AI-powered price optimization is key to survival in the time of COVID-19

Mike Romeri, CEO


As commerce slowly opens up in our world over the next few months, competition for customers will accelerate like never before. It remains to be seen how big the pent-up demand will be for dining out, consuming goods and services, and travel, for…


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The Power of Data Integration Strategy for Your Business


We live in a time in which information is the core element of business success for companies in almost any industry. Data is the key to making proper and timely decisions, building winning strategies, data can impact everything from revenue growth to customer…


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Data Structures & Algorithms

This blog post talks about the concepts of data structures and algorithms and introduces the why of integrating them. A few topics in data engineering will be scanned…


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Data scientists, you can’t not-know APIs & Dockers

We must have read tons of literature on developing analytics models and finding information/insights out of data blob. Majorly this activity can run stand alone on your system, without any compulsion to interact with other machine. But, as the businesses are facing ever rising competition, the surmounting cost of maintaining engagement and the negative slope of realized profits, productization is not any buzz-word which is yet to see the light of day. It is happening and it is here to stay.…


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Would Bayesian approaches improve COVID-19 forecasts?

Data Scientists worldwide are forecasting about COVID

Mostly, they are doing excellent work.

But still, most forecasts vary widely

That’s not to say that they are inaccurate

There are a few inherent reasons for this

Firstly, the lack of domain knowledge in epidemiology and biostatistics. Most data scientists lack…


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Weekly Digest, April 20

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this…


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Covid-19 Modeling: Impact of Missing Data and Ignoring Key Features

Many data scientists and epidemiologists have developed various models and predictions, mostly alarming ones. Here I discuss issues that make most of these analyses meaningless, and how to fix these problems. Sadly, these are mistakes that even expert statisticians make in a variety of contexts, especially when dealing with a tiny sample that behaves radically differently from the whole population. You don't see what is not in the data, you only see what's in it, and you must think…


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5 Ways to Empower Your Team and Scale Innovation

Martin Hughes, MBA Director for J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics at the National University of Ireland Galway, recently asked me to present to his MBA class on Team Empowerment.  I was excited for two reasons:

  • First, it was a topic I had never covered in the past, so it pushed me intellectually out of my comfort zone. It forced me to contemplate my personal experiences in empowering a high-functioning, diverse team in this age of digital…

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