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COVID-19 Lesson: Digital Transformation Is an Essential Service

The COVID-19 crisis has hammered home the importance for organizations to become more digital.  And I suspect that most organizations are thinking that just means being able to support remote customer engagements and business operations.  But that’s not nearly sufficient.  Organizations that are thriving during COVID-19 are those that have gone beyond just “digitalizing” their engagements and operations, but are actively leveraging granular customer,…


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Accelerating aggregate MD5 hashing up to 800% with AVX512

By Frank Wessels


While MD5 hashing is no longer a good choice when considering a hash function, it is still being used in a great variety of applications. As such any performance improvements that can be made to the MD5 hashing speed are worth considering.

Due to recent improvements in SIMD processing (AVX2 and especially AVX512) we are providing a Go …


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Deep Learning techniques for Cyber Security


For the first time, I taught an AI for Cyber Security course at the University of Oxford.


I referred to this paper from Johns Hopkins which covered Deep Neural networks for Cyber Security (A Survey of Deep Learning Methods for Cyber Security) – references below where you can download the full…


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Thursday News, April 30

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted since Monday:



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Thursday News, April 30

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted since Monday:



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Difference between Binomial, Poisson and Hypergeometric Distribution in One Picture

There are a few key differences between the Binomial, Poisson and Hypergeometric Distributions. These distributions are used in data science anywhere there are dichotomous variables (like yes/no, pass/fail). This one picture sums up the major differences.…


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Which Face is Real? Applying StyleGAN to Create Fake People

A Generative model aims to learn and understand a dataset’s true distribution and create new data from it using unsupervised learning. These models (such as StyleGAN) have had mixed success as it is quite difficult to understand the complexities of certain probability distributions. 

In order to sidestep these roadblocks, The Adversarial Nets Framework was created whereby the generative model is pitted against an adversary: a discriminative model that…


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COVID-19 Risk Heat Maps with Location Data, Apache Arrow, Markov Chain Modeling, and R Shiny

This is the second of two articles about our recent participation in the Pandemic Response Hackathon. Our project (CoronaRank) was one of only 5 projects out of 230 submissions chosen as Spotlight Winners to present at the closing ceremony. Read on for the technical aspects of our solution, for a more general overview of the hackathon and our product see our first article…


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Time for a Chatbot Tune-Up

Summary:  Now that you have a little time for introspection, how about reviewing the performance of your chatbots.


Chances are this lock down period has given you a little more time for introspection and observation than you had before.  Let me suggest that this would be a good time to take a look at how your…


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AI-powered price optimization is key to business survival during the pandemic

Mike Romeri, A2Go CEO

April 21, 2020

As commerce slowly opens up in our world over the next few months, competition for customers will accelerate like never before. It remains to be seen how big the pent-up demand will be for dining out, consuming goods and services, and travel, for starters. After months of shutdown of all but essential services and loss of steady income for millions, will consumers slow or even stop their purchasing; or will…


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Blockchain Wallet 101: Understand the Security Measures and Effective Constraints

The requirement for excellent security measures to be implemented is rising. Introduction of Blockchain technology has redefined the way of every operation and it certainly helps in enhancing security more than ever by implementing the concepts of cryptography to protect the data. And hence, it leads to the development of Blockchain wallets that can be used to transact using Bitcoin or any other currencies to efficiently earn and transfer…


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Role Of AR/VR Technology In The Future Of eLearning

The eLearning industry is already surging on today’s words and finding ways to enhance the learning experience through leading technologies that are loved by many. Recently eLearning has embraced AR/VR technology which has changed the whole dynamics of what learning is.…


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Digital Transformations in the Post-Covid World

The term "digital transformation" has been around now for a couple of years. Like so many such terms, it was something of a neologism, a phrase much like Big Data or, for that matter, Data Scientist, that started out more as market-speak than anything else, but that, for one reason or another, started accreting a second…


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5 Best Free Video Conferencing Software for SMBs in 2020

The video conferencing software is used for businesses all around the world but the requirement of it is at its peak during this corona outbreak. All of the businesses have to operate from their homes, and because of it, the use of video conferencing software has become a necessity these days. While there are plenty of applications available in the market but there are a few of them that give you the best features with a secure platform. …


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Free book on Statistics: Larry Wasserman’s All of Statistics

One of the best-known books on statistics is now free

Larry Wasserman’s All of Statistics is free to download from Springer

I like this book because – unlike most books on statistics - it takes a modern approach to statistics and covers…


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The Art of Thinking Like a Data Scientist: The Movie

The Covid19 pandemic has given me a chance to catch up on some reading. One of the books I recently finished reading is called “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller. It’s a short and very effective read (which all books should be). The premise of the book is that all sales and marketing messages should be structured like a movie, and successful movies have a standard approach for telling an engaging story (see Figure 1).…


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Weekly Digest, April 27

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this…


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Data Mining vs Statistics in One Picture

Data mining includes statistics and elements of statistical analysis.  Some people describe the two as interconnected, others as them being on a continuum. This one picture shows an overview of how statistics and…


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Unleash the power of your data to reduce your technical debt

Since technical debt has become a central part of my recent professional challenges, I started writing a series of installments regarding this topic.

Do not expect any extensive and detailed work in here, if you need it you can get it googling it or from your favourite online content source.

Just expect more a light work crafted from…


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