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Use of data analytics by print and digital publishers to increase revenue and profitability

Guest blog post by Matt Lindsay, Ph.d. President, Mather Economics.

For about 100 years, publishers have generated most of their revenue from advertising. Prior to the early 1900s, the primary revenue source was audience payments, either from newsstand sales or subscriptions. It is our opinion that the changes in the industry brought about by the Internet and mobile delivery platforms will shift the mix of revenue for publishers, both print and digital, back to an…


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Text Analysis 101: Explicit Semantic Analysis (ESA) Explained


This blog was originally posted on our Text Analysis blog, as part of a Text Analysis 101 series.

We recently added a feature to our API that allows users to classify text according to their own labels. This…


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Mobile Banking – Can Analytics help banks innovate?

Bank of America COE Brian Moynihan recently disclosed that its mobile customers grew by 2 million, touching 70 Million this year. Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase have already reported robust growth in mobile customers in 2014.

This rise in mobile banking users is welcome news for the banking industry. This growth is not limited to the US alone. Britain also,…


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Weekly Digest - May 4

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday.



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How we survived a near death experience in a Big Data Project ? A Story from the trenches

One month back Flutura was in  a meeting with a customer in Houston where we were involved in an IOT big data project . It was a very tense meeting ... Budgets were being slashed, heads were rolling because of the steep drop in Oil prices. The CEOs office was forensically examining all projects thru a massive magnifying glass. The tension in the room was palpable. The cross functional team had spent a lot of time building a…


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Short story on scaling an NLP problem without using a ton of hardware.

The cornerstone of the small work done for getting the info for these great charts with IEPY, was to be able to catch mentioned companies.

Click here for an interactive version of this chart…


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Big Data, Meet Dynamic Semantic Publishing: Altering the Media & Publishing Landscape

How many times a day do we ourselves, or hear someone else, utter the phrase “Google it”? It’s hard to imagine that a phrase so ubiquitous and universally understood has been around for less than two decades. The word “Google” has become synonymous with online search, and when we think about why this, it’s because Google yields the most relevant, comprehensive results, quickly. Essentially, it has changed the way we find and interact with content and information.

We’ve seen the…


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Do Your Customers Hide Their Data?

Personal data has an image problem. People are increasingly wary of handing over their details to websites – particularly when they have no intention to engage long term. Many marketers set out to obtain email addresses, yet do very little to ensure the email addresses they get are valid. This is the beginning of a vicious circle for the business they’re working…


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The 3Ms of Marketing Data Analytics

Data is everywhere and growing. As a marketer, this is a dream world. Your audience is generating tons of data from your web visits, mobile apps and you have partners giving you data. This is rich customer journey data.

However commonly used terms like Big Data and Analytics can mask the complexity of realizing your ROI gained from analyzing all this data. The promise of the visual tools and Hadoop based platforms is all great but if you don't have a data strategy in place all the…


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What is the Internet of Everything (IoE)?

Guest blog post by Peter Diamandis, chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, best known for its $10 million Ansari X PRIZE for private spaceflight.  Today the X PRIZE leads the world in designing and operating large-scale global competitions to solve market failures.

Every month I hold a webinar for my …


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OpenStreetMap Visualization Case Study & Sample Code

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a tool for creating and sharing map information. Anyone can contribute to OSM, that OSM maps are saved on the internet, and anyone can access them at any time. The growth of OSM has been phenomenal over the years and the number of registered users contributing to OSM is nearly 2 Million.…


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Clustering Arabic Tweets to seize the reputation of a Brand in the Middle-East

This is a technical post. The purpose is to test topic modeling techniques with Python on arabic texts in order to grasp the efficiency of the approach used in my previous work (NASDAG.org) on a different langage.

The same code may be applied as is to any "brand" by changing the keywords searched when querying the Twitter…


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Visualizing Nepal Earthquake: The Human Side of Data Science

1 The Tragedy

As most of you guys know, the country of Nepal has been hit with a powerful earthquake killing over 1,800 lives(as of this writing). Thousands are injured. Lives are disrupted. Historic temples, monuments, buildings are leveled.

I plead you to help whatever you can. Money. Time. Good wishes, thoughts, and prayers. Scroll to the end of this post for where you…


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The Big Data and Business Intelligence twins! To the rescue of Defined Benefits Pension Plans (DBPP’s)

Good day and my warmest hellos from Montreal, Canada to all members of the Data Science Central virtual community.

I have recently joined this very interesting, bountiful and multi-sub-disciplinary web site in the data science field and admittedly I’m still exploring all of its numerous knowledge facets.

In order to introduce myself to all of you I thought it would be à propos to use the project I’m currently working on as a window to my expertise, which compared to all of you,…


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Using Historical Data in the Age of Real Time Decision Making

Guest blog post by Mike Davie.

Dangers and Missed Opportunities: Using Historical Data in the Age of Real Time Decision Making

For many companies going down the big data path, collecting data for its own sake has been a costly exercise with varying degrees of ROI. 

Historic data is great for understanding past events, but as companies mature, their big data efforts move to become more central to business operations: from…


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Analysis of Insurance Analytics Careers & Job Postings

As part of a deeper dive into domain specific analytic careers, we are exploring the Insurance industry. The below data & charts gives context & explains the opportunities for an analytics careers in Insurance.

Our first examination involved analyzing the top insurance companies hiring for analytics related positions.  The below chart shows the open job postings where the title was “Data Science” or “Analytics” or “Actuary” & plural or related word. We found a total of 185…


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Biostatistics Careers for Data Scientists

Analytics is becoming critical in all part of our lives. Biostatistics has been a big driver of this analytics demand in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotech, health & medicine.

But, What is Biostatistics? From the Wikipedia definition of Biostatistics:

Biostatistics (or biometry) is the application of statistics to a wide range of topics in biology. The science of biostatistics encompasses the design of biological…


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How big data can terrorize global terrorism

It is the tragedy of the 21st century! Terrorism has become big business to some blood thirsty tyrants who would stop at nothing to use human beings as collateral in their quest for more resources.

The Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Boko-Haram...the list is endless. They are found all over the globe. Their objective is to kill, to steal and to destroy. Therefore, their master can only be what you and I can rightfully guess at the slightest instance.…


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Taming Big Data

Photo: Big Bang Data, Madrid, April 2015

Let's keep it simple. The best application of Big Data is in systems and methods that will significantly reduce the Big Data footprint.

Why would we want to reduce the Big Data footprint?

  • Years of knowledge and experience in…

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