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Analyzing CDC Health Survey


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Data Science Predictions 2019

Data Science is a combination of data inference, algorithms, and technology that solves complex problems. The core of this technology is data that is initially raw, then is streamlined, and stored in a data warehouse. These vast amounts of data can help generate significant business values.…


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Weekly Digest, March 4

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this…


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Using a Schema to Construct a Metrics Regime

A schema is a conceptual framework.  It can function as a lens through which to study data.  When I was conducting research on workplace stress to do my graduate degree, I did so through the critical lens of social disablement.  I applied a hierarchical schema to study stress constructed from prominent themes in social disablement.  I associated stress with the loss of personal autonomy in the workplace.  There was little doubt in my mind that I had chosen a highly “academic” focus for…


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10 Myths About Data Scientists

In the nascent field of Data Science, myths are abound. Here's my top 10, scoured from the internet (where better than to find a myth or two?).

Myth #1: It's a male dominated field.

This one is only part myth. Historically, women have been discouraged from entering the computing sciences for many reasons unrelated to talent (see my previous post,…


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[New] Handbook of Deep Learning Applications (Springer)

This book presents a broad range of deep-learning applications related to vision, natural language processing, gene expression, arbitrary object recognition, driverless cars, semantic image segmentation, deep visual residual abstraction, brain–computer interfaces, big data processing, hierarchical deep learning networks as game-playing artifacts using regret matching, and building GPU-accelerated deep learning frameworks. Deep learning, an advanced level of machine learning technique…


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A Simple Approach for Pursuing the “Future of Smart” Vision

This blog will cover the following “Future of Smart” initiative topics:

  • Create a common definition or description of what it means to become “smart” and rally the organization around that definition. Confusion in definitions and terminology may be the #1 killer of organizational alignment and corporate innovation.
  • Start with a customer-centric perspective by creating Customer Journey Maps to validate the points of customer, product,…

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Data Scientists Role & Ethics

What data scientists do? 

As per my personal perception, i do break data science down into three components: 

(1) business intelligence, which is essentially about “taking data that the company has and getting it in front of the right people” in the form of dashboards, reports, and emails; 

(2) decision…


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