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Data Science Central Weekly Digest, March 25

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Featured Resources and Technical…


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AI and patents - trends to watch  from the WIPO technology trends report

AI and patents - trends to watch  from the WIPO technology trends report

WIPO Technology Trends report 2019  came as a surprise to me. We in AI are not used to thinking about patents so much because tools / platforms are mostly Open sourced.


Here are the key…


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Logistic Regression in One Picture

Logistic regression is regressing data to a line (i.e. finding an average of sorts) so you can fit data to a particular equation and make predictions for your data. This type of regression is a good choice when modeling binary variables, which happen frequently in real life (e.g. work or don't work, marry or don't marry, buy a house or rent...). The logistic regression model is popular, in part,…


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Why BigQuery is The Next Big Thing With Example

BigQuery is Google’s serverless, highly scalable, enterprise data warehouse designed to make all your data analysts productive at an unmatched price-performance. Because there is no infrastructure to manage, you can focus on analyzing data to find meaningful insights using familiar SQL without the need for a database administrator.

Analyze all your data by…


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The growing popularity of Multiplayer Online Games

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, more commonly referred to as MMORPGs, continue to gain popularity. Whether this upward trend will continue is a topic of debate among many. This growing hobby has attracted participants from all walks of life. Though computer games have been around for years, MMORPGs are different in numerous facets. While a healthy form of entertainment for some men, women, and children, others develop something more akin to addiction. Are these increasingly…


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D3 for Data Scientists, Part I: A re-usable template for combining R and D3 to build interactive visualizations

By Peter Cooman

The path to D3 mastery is dark and full of terrors. D3 itself is a JavaScript (JS) library and on top of that, you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to get the most out of it. If you’re a data scientist, chances are JavaScript, at best, ranks as your fourth language, after R, Python,…


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Data Science Central Thursday Digest, March 21

You will find here our selection of featured articles and resources posted since Monday. 

Resources and Tutorials


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Fascinating New Results in the Theory of Randomness

Updated on March 24. See new sections on Fibonacci numbers [3.2.(b)], comparing stochastic processes [4.1.(b)], connection with Brownian motions [4.1.(c)], new material in section 4.3, and new addition in the Appendix [5.4].

I present here some innovative results from my most recent research on stochastic processes. chaos modeling, and dynamical systems, with applications to Fintech, cryptography, number theory, and random number…


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Summary from Gartner Data & Analytics Summit London 2019

Last week I attended a three-day Gartner Summit in London. For all those who didn’t manage a trip, I want to share with you the biggest insights I gathered from the conference and review those things that impressed me the most.

Business Vibe

Visualization and interaction go hand in hand in modern businesses. Regardless of industry, the vibe, energy, and atmosphere defines a brand. And at the Gartner Summit, that vibe was entertainment with a…


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Efficient Tuning of Online Systems Using Bayesian Optimization

This article, written by the Facebook research team, was written by Ben Letham, Brian Karrer, Guilherme Ottoni and Eytan Bakshy.…


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Intro to Grafana: Installation, Configuration, and Building the First Dashboard

Grafana is an open-source, nightly built dashboarding, analytics, and monitoring platform that is tinkered for connection with a variety of sources like Elasticsearch, Influxdb, Graphite, Prometheus, AWS Cloud Watch, and many others.

One of the biggest highlights of Grafana…


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Bias Variance Trade Off

Deep Learning is a highly empirical domain which majorly focusses on fine-tuning the various parameters. The choice of these parameters defines the accuracy of the model. So, it becomes important to choose such parameters wisely. Choosing the parameters based on intuition might not work every time which can degrade the performance of the model drastically. Also, a considerable amount of time and effort will go in vain while selecting the values of parameters based…


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Using Data Science and Google Cloud to Win March Madness…Well, Not Really

I suck at the NCAA March Madness® bracket selection process.  I let my personal biases get in the way of making decisions based upon the numbers.  I over-rate the well-known Big Ten conference and under-rate the lesser-known Mid Majors and fall in love with the most recent team I saw on TV win their conference tournament.  You see, I fall prey to all the common decision-making traps – recency bias, over-confidence, anchoring, risk aversion, framing…


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K-nn Clustering Explained in One Picture

This is a simple overview of the k-NN process. Perhaps the most challenging step is finding a k that's "just right". The square root of n can put you in the ballpark, but ideally you should use a training set (i.e. a nicely categorized set) to find a "k" that works for your data. Remove a few categorized data points and make them "unknowns", testing a few values for k to see what works.…


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Top 8 Data Science Use Cases in Manufacturing

The manufacturing business faces huge transformations nowadays. Due to rapid development of digital world and broad application of data science, various fields of human activity seek improvement. Modern manufacturing is often referred to as industry 4.0 that is the manufacturing under conditions of the fourth industrial…


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Is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Really AI?

Summary:  Based on a McKinsey study we reported that 47% of companies had at least one AI/ML implementation in place.  Looking back at the data and the dominance of RPA as the most widely reported instance makes us think that the number is probably significantly lower.


We’ve been trying to get a handle on…


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Training for Context: The Importance of Word2Vec

We’ve all experienced the great data rush as companies push to use analytics to drive business decisions. After all, the proliferation of data and its intelligent analysis can change entire company trajectories. But to make the quintillions of data created each day truly useful, as well as all that has come before, it must be understandable to an artificial intelligence (AI) system.


Dealing with numbers is one thing, but human language is…


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March Madness, KenPom and Python/Pandas.

March Madness officially arrived at 6 PM CDT, Sunday 3/17/2019. 68 D1 schools -- 32 league champions and 36 at large selections -- received invitations to this year's tournament, which starts…


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Can Lack of Data Always Provide Valuable Insights?

Can Lack of Data Always Provide Valuable Insights?

Prashanth H Southekal and Matthew Joyce


Today, data – both structured and unstructured, is seen as the most valuable business asset to solve problems and improve productivity.  An article in Forbes says every company today is a data company! However, we…


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