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Ecology of Truth

It’s possible I haven’t shared my story of being asked whether people can leap over lampposts.  The question was posed by a university professor although I don’t recall the exact context.  In response, I asked if the people are on this planet.  He hissed at me, “Of course they are on this planet!”  Some planets have low gravitational fields that make it possible for humans to leap great heights.  At the time it didn’t seem like an oratorical question; and so I made an effort to answer it. …


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IoT news headlines, before and after DDoS attacks

Contributed by Kawtar B. 

I. Introduction

The famous cartoon series “The Jetsons” predicted 53 years ago how our lives would look like in 2063 when all our “daily devices” such as home appliances or cars would be connected to the internet. In 2016, the Internet of Things (IoT) is still evolving to a convergence of multiple technologies, including wireless communication, real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, embedded systems,…


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Great Mathematical API by Wolfram

I was in the process of computing some definite integrals involving special mathematical constants, when I discovered WolframAlpha. It solves tons of mathematical problems, for free, online, offering exact solutions whenever possible. Not just integrals, but matrix computations and much more.

In my case, I was trying to see, if by computing an integral in two different ways, one using the original function on the original…


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Webscraping the WSJ

Contributed by Joseph van Bemmelen.

There are many newspapers available in the New York City area that cater to different segments of the population. This project focuses on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), an international newspaper with a high circulation in the New York area. For this project, I scraped details of articles over a three-week period in order to analyze some basic metrics of the newspaper as well as some of the topics that the WSJ focuses…


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An Exploratory Analysis on US Government STEM Investments

Contributed by Jhonasttan Regalado. He enrolled in the NYC Data Science Academy 12-week full time Data Science Bootcamp program taking place between September 23, 2016 and December 23, 2016. The original article can be found …


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Building a Process Output Optimization Solution using Multiple Models, Ensemble Learning and a Genetic Algorithm.

1. Abstract

The objective of this paper is to present the process of building a model for identifying the right combination of inputs for optimizing the Concrete Compressive Strength. Multiple machine learning algorithms were evaluated. A process of optimizing the solution using Ensemble Learning was…


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R for Big Data in One Picture

This picture originally posted here covers the following topics:

  1. Basic stack
  2. Integrated platforms
  3. Visualization
  4. Data formats
  5. Large & out-of-memory data
  6. Hadoop
  7. Glue
  8. As backend
  9. GPU
  10. in-database analytics
  11. Parallel
  12. Efficiency
  13. Packages

To zoom in, view picture …


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A Critical Evaluation of Business Analytics in the Age of Big Data

Business Analytics and Business Intelligence are the most-heard terms in the global corporate environment lately. It refers to utilizing advanced technological tools to gain business insights and enhance performance. The predictive analytic methods with Big Data are becoming so prevalent in every industry.

Big Data rules

Big Data is believed to be here to stay. The hype we see about it is not temporary. The fundamental technological change it applies to the universal business…


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Tableau’s Integration for advanced analytics

News from Tableau.

We launched Tableau 10.2 today and wanted to let you know some of the highlights.

  • Python Integration. We are…

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Deep Learning Resource Matrix

Good afternoon all,

For those of you who have an interest, and or involvement in “Deep Learning” or want to learn more I’ve created this matrix. It’s by no means all inclusive. It will provide you with a landscape of some Deep Learning resources to get you started or complement resources you might already have. The original version is available  here as a 5-page PDF document.…


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Dataviz with Python

By Reiichiro Nakano.

There are a number of visualizations that frequently pop up in machine learning. Scikit-plot is a humble attempt to provide aesthetically-challenged programmers (such as myself) the opportunity to generate quick and beautiful graphs and plots with as little boilerplate as possible.…


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New Book: Time Series Forecasting With Python

Time series forecasting is different from other machine learning problems.

The key difference is the fixed sequence of observations and the constraints and additional structure this provides.

In this mega Ebook written in the friendly Machine Learning Mastery style that you’re used to, finally cut through the math and specialized methods for time series forecasting.

Using clear explanations, standard Python libraries and step-by-step tutorials you will discover how to…


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