March 2016 Blog Posts (100)

A Study on Benchmarking Parameters for Intelligent Systems.

Intelligent automated decision support systems are now found to be very much useful in various fields. In Bioinformatics and machine learning in general, there is a large variation in the predictive measures that are used to evaluate intelligent systems. If we do not assess the accuracy of model’s prediction, a vital step in model development, application of it will have little merit. This work critically discusses different approaches to assess predictive performance and various test…


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Trending Report On Micro-Mobile Data Center

A micro-mobile data center is a small, portable data center system designed to resolve or share the workloads of the conventional data centers. Micro-mobile data centers come with small set of servers and virtual machines as compared to the traditional data centers. Micro-mobile data centers provide secure and fast access to data and compute resources. These are even enhanced with in-built cooling systems, security systems, associated management tools,…


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Scikit-Learn Tutorial Series

Kaggle released a series with tutorials in their blog. I recommend to anyone who is starting or want to learn more about the tool.…


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Scholarship for Women in Data Science

rSQUAREedge is excited to partner with the Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS) organization to offer prospective women applicants a 100% scholarship, aimed at encouraging and supporting women entering the field of data science and analytics.

The winner of the scholarship will enroll in rSQUAREedge’s Certified Data Analytics Practitioner (…


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Adopting Self-Service BI with Tableau - Notes from the field

Part 1. Business scenarios.

I have spent many hours planning and executing in-company self-service BI implementation. This enabled me to gain several insights. Now that the ideas became mature enough and field-proven, I believe they are worth sharing. No matter how far you are in toying with potential approaches (possibly you are already in the thick of it!), I hope my attempt of describing feasible scenarios would provide a decent…


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BERLIN and Narratives

BERLIN stands for Behavioural Event Reconstruction Linguistic Interface for Narratives. I introduced BERLIN a few blogs ago - in my "final blog." Theoretically after one's final blog, no further blogs are forthcoming. However, I am now posting bonus blogs reflecting aspects of the same closing subject. Today, I will be elaborating on BERLIN's syntax and how its searches are facilitated. As a general rule, the objective of BERLIN is to convert human-friendly narrative into computer-friendly…


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Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

There’s been a lot of hype lately behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing, both terms that generally refer to programs or computing systems that “think” rather than simply perform computations on command. The move to impart cognition into computers has captured public perception, but…


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Five Major Shifts in Big Data

Big data management and analytics will see some significant changes continuing and others beginning to emerge this year.  These include: 

  • Leveraging data in different and more productive ways, effectively moving from the dashboard to a discovery platform and from a retrospective strategy to inherently more predictive one.
  • Cutting through the noise and focusing on the signal. Companies are faced with managing enormous amounts of data, and determining how to identify…

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Storytelling with Data: Our Brains Crave Structure + Love Oddballs

By Rawi Nanakul & Marnie Morales

We create, interpret, and experience stories every day, whether we realize it or not. Our brains are constantly receiving input and stringing things together in order for us to make sense of the world. While our brains create countless stories, only the few great ones stay with us. These make us cry, laugh, or embrace a new perspective.

Understanding how our brains interpret the world can help us become better storytellers. That’s where…


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The 9 Best Marketing And Sales Analytics You Should Know About

Sales and marketing analytics are essential to unlocking commercially relevant insights, increasing revenue and profitability, and improving brand perception. With the help of the right analytics, you can uncover new markets, new audience niches, areas for future development and much more. Let’s look at what I believe are the best and most important sales and marketing analytics that can help any business grow and succeed. This post builds on …


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The Amazing Ways Big Data Is Used In China

Big Data gets a lot of coverage these days, and it would be easy for anyone to believe that all the innovation is happening in the west, and particularly in Silicon Valley. But that’s far from the case. On the other side of the world in China, an online industry has emerged to cater to the business and leisure needs of the world’s most populous nation. Bolstered by the ever-growing Chinese middle classes taking to the internet in ever increasing numbers, that…


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MIT Algorithm Predicts Rogue Waves in Real Time to Save Lives

Using AI and data science, an MIT team was able to accurately predict rogue waves coming out of the blue in the middle of the ocean, in near real time, to help sailors change their navigation path and avoid destruction and death. Rogue waves, while rare, are unpredictable, tall (up to 100 feet) and devastating. The physical mechanism producing these waves is well understood, and is typically modeled using rotating elements.…


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Math or Engineers -- who will solve the big data problem?

Guest blog post by Charlie Silver, CEO of Algebraix Data. Originally entitled  'Data Algebra Does Big Data'.

Algebra is powerful. It enables people to solve for unknowns and frame problems in ways that are universally understandable. For the same reason, data algebra is powerful. Why? Because it can represent data – all data – mathematically.

What is Data Algebra (and when do I use…


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The Changing future of Marketing Analytics Software industry

Marketing analytics software includes various technologies and processes which enable an organization to evaluate and quantify its marketing efforts. Marketing analytics software offers tools to manage, measure, control and analyze marketing performance. With the use of marketing analytics software, organizations are able to improve the effectiveness and optimize the return on investment (ROI) of marketing activities. Marketing analytics software enables organizations to gain…


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Self Service Data Prep Platforms – Fish or Fowl?

Summary: Self Service Data Prep Platforms (SSDPPs) may offer some relief for BI and data workers who must deal with IT bottlenecks in getting data.  But watch out for widely varying capabilities and the assumptions underlying some of their automated features.


I admit it, I’m confused.  There is a category of analytic platforms that Gartner…


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Weekly Digest, March 7

Starred articles are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday. The weekly digest has six sections: (1) Featured Resources and Technical Contributions, (2) Featured Articles and Case Studies, (3) From our Sponsors, (4) News, Events, Books, Training, Forum Questions, (5) Picture of the Week, and (6) Syndicated Content.

The full version is always published Monday.…


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First Big Data initiative? Why you need Big Data governance in place now!

You would be surprised how many major firms, who are now ready to launch their first Big Data projects, have not started an internal Big Data governance program. Big data has great potential to help organizations grow their business, but just having this data will not be enough. To derive the highest value and minimize legal exposure and risk to a firm’s reputation, a Big Data governance program is crucial from the start. Even if there is data governance currently in place it is most likely…


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Salary Trends for analytics and big data jobs in the Indian Job Market

With companies now realizing that Analytics & Big Data are the key drivers for their organizations growth, the demand for data  scientists has risen phenomenally. From understanding consumer behaviour, to predicting market trends, even right down to product features, many business decisions today are driven by Data Analytics. The Analytics and Big Data sector has seen a consistent growth in the last five years and is expected…


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How should one start a career in machine learning?

This question was originally asked and answered on Quora, by Xavier Amatriain, VP of engineering at Quora, and a few other people also contributed. Here we provide Xavier's answer. …


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How Big Data is Playing a Role in the Crowdfunding Industry

Crowdfunding is growing in popularity on many different fronts. Not only are individuals launching campaigns to raise money for personal needs, but many businesses are also using it to fund projects or contribute to particular causes. As businesses have begun using crowdfunding, we’ve seen how big data is influencing these campaigns.

The Growth of Crowdfunding

There was a time when crowdfunding was only used for small needs and very personal goals. For example,…


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