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Taking the Fear Out of Statistics

In the film Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Tiffany, attempts to win over the Philadelphia Eagles-obsessed family of her friend, Pat, by claiming that her time with him is bringing the team good “juju.”

“The first night Pat and I met at my sister’s, the Eagles beat the 49ers handily, 40–26,” she says, pacing around a living room filled with Pat’s rapt relatives. “The second time we…


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Book Introduction: High-Performance Data Mining and Big Data Analytics

Technical Title: High-Performance Data Mining and Big Data Analytics

Business Title: The Story of Insight From Big Data

Book Site: …


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Analyzing Analysts To Build Better Analysis Software

When we launched Mode’s public beta in June 2014, we knew we were putting an MVP (minimum viable product) editor into the wild. As soon as we released it, we started thinking about how we could make it even easier for analysts to create and share work. But, the beta gave us something we couldn’t get otherwise: usage data. By analyzing the way analysts have been using Mode, we’ve been able to validate some of our early feature…


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Big Data, IoT, Wearables: A Connected World with Intelligence

At the CES 2015, I was fascinated by all sorts of possible applications of IoT – socks with sensors, mattresses with sensors, smart watches, smart everything – it seems like a scene in sci-fi movies has just come true. People are eager to learn more about what’s happening around them and now they can.


While I was at there I attended a talk given…


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Weekly Digest - February 9

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles or sections are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday. 


  • Make People-Powered Sentiment Analysis Work for You. Join CrowdFlower on Feb 26th to learn how Edelman PR uses the CrowdFlower data enrichment platform to get beyond the…


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Caltrain Quantified: An Exploration in IoT

Executive Summary

Though often the focus of the urban noise debate, Caltrain is one of many contributors to overall sound levels along the Bay Area’s peninsula corridor. In this investigation, Cameron Turner of Palo Alto’s The Data Guild takes a look at this topic using a…


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Making the Business Case for Text Analytics

The key to making a business case for any Analytics initiative, not just text analytics, is to  identify specific business problems and pain points and use analytics to address them, instead of merely seeking insights.

The top business case for Text Analytics…


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Will Big Data Make Data Scientists Redundant?

A recent report predicts that a 100 million jobs could be at risk of being made redundant by automation.  These are expected to include roles from supermarket cashier to accountant, as robotics and machine learning become increasingly able to perform routine tasks more efficiently than we can.

But surely if there is one job title which will be safe from the inevitable rise of the machines it will be data scientist or big data analyst – after all haven’t I been championing that career…


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Digital Banking – Lessons from channel integration

Digital banking offers unprecedented opportunities both for banks as well as customers. It has provided banks breadth and ease in delivering their products and services to customers. As for customers, it has pushed service options and expectations to a new high. Given the opportunity spectrum, it is no surprise that banks have invested heavily in upgrading their digital preparedness. 2015 promises more investments in digital banking.

A definition of digital banking will be of help…


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