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Understanding the Now - The Role of Data in Adaptive Organizations

Slow and Unaware

It was 2005. The war in Iraq was raging. Many of us in the national security R&D community were developing responses to the deadliest threat facing U.S. soldiers: the improvised explosive device (IED). From the perspective of the U.S. military, the unthinkable was happening each and every day. The world’s most technologically advanced military was being dealt significant blows by insurgents making crude weapons from limited resources. How was this even…


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Framing Ambiguity, Incentives, and Actions

In the mid 90s, while working in government, I was given an invaluable bit of advice from an Air Force colonel who would become a trusted advisor and a dear friend. He said:

Perspective is elusive... I've worked with countless Ph.D.'s that would obsess over details which did not matter in the grand scheme of things. You seem to have the ability to operate on multiple levels. Don't lose the ability to see the bigger picture.

At the time, I understood…


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In-Memory Technology’s Petabyte-Sized Headache

In-memory technology for business intelligence and analytics first appeared in the early 2000s. Since then, they have been gaining prominence. Today, in-memory tools have finally come to a stage of maturity as widely accepted enterprise-scale solutions for a diverse range of organizations. Enterprises have become enamoured with the software’s ability to provide much faster results than could be supplied by previous tools.

However, as data continues to…


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5 Big Security Trends That Today’s Tech Users Need to Watch

Today's advancing technology is improving the ways in which all industries do business. But regardless of what industry you work in, one thing that has always remained a constant is the importance of security. Data breaches can significantly impact a company in a highly negative way, ruining consumer confidence, as well as causing your company to have to pay large fines as a result of the breach. Sometimes a security breach cannot be prevented, as there are very skilled hackers that work…


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Top Mistakes Developers Make When Using Python for Big Data Analytics

Interesting article by Karolina Alexiou.

Regarding mistake #1, I disagree. I do it all the time, and it's faster than finding, understanding, and fine-tuning a piece of code that will work for you, unless you are looking for something basic such as computing correlations for weighted observations. If you are good, your reinvented wheel will be better, implemented faster, more robust, and more customized than existing ones.…


Added by Vincent Granville on February 16, 2015 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

What is big data - Infographics by Bernard Marr

About : Bernard Marr is a globally recognized expert in strategic metrics and data. He helps companies manage, measure, analyze and improve performance. His new book is: Big Data: Using Smart…


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Discovering the relationship of the G20 members using Data Mining

It takes just a little talk with me to know that I'm a fan of the financial market and many subjects related to economics. Today I want to show an application involving news on the web, Python, MongoDB and the Gephi, a software for visualization and manipulation of social networks.

Our goal is to verify that the amount of joint occurrences of G20 countries (specifically Brazil) published in the news related to the financial market…


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Social Construction of Technical Trading Data

I heard an accountant once say that people in his profession are generally bad investors. I am uncertain if this is true. I never really bothered to confirm his assertion. He said that his reasons for believing so relate to the nature in which accountants interpret data, which he implied was rather literal. I personally almost always ignore "book value" - that is to say, the cost of acquisition. For me, the book value is similar to a figure of speech: the investment value never has to be…


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Online Courses to Freshen Up Your Knowledge of Big Data

By now you already know how important Big data processing and analytic is in running a lot of industries in the world. It is a multi-sector industry that helps manage big data, monitor trends, improve business operations, and even fight crimes. Big data is used in so many industries that it is considered as one of the most in demand skill this 2015.

But just like…


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On Synchronicity and Decision Making


In a previous article I argued that in order to ensure the  highest performance, decision makers need to balance the data driven actionable insights with intuition driven insights. In this article a new insight is added to the decision tool box. This insight is represented by an acausal rare, coincidental event that can have a huge impact on the decision maker's enterprise, although absolutely free. Such an event is called a…


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Data Scientist Shares his Growth Hacking Secrets

In this article, we discuss various strategies used to generate exponential traffic growth, while preserving traffic quality, and user loyalty. Our growth hacking engine is a combination of

  • Raw data science: getting the right data sets, leveraging them,
  • Playing with various tools and API's: designing an automated machine-to-machine communication service between Hootsuite and Twitter / LinkedIn based on insights automatically distilled from the following data sources:…

Added by Vincent Granville on February 13, 2015 at 11:30am — 9 Comments

Big Data: What Are The Key Jobs and Salaries Available?

There are lots of roles that involve working with analytics and big data, and people doing these jobs give themselves many different names.

If you want to be employed working with data, searching the job sites will yield many possible roles – data engineer, information architect, data analyst – and the distinction is not always clear.

So here’s a selection of some of the most commonly used, as well as (in my experience) what they are likely to spend their time…


Added by Bernard Marr on February 12, 2015 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Weekly Digest - February 16

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles or sections are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday. 



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Who killed the Storyteller in Marketing

I have just a little over three hours left to live. That’s the half-life of content these days, I am told.

A few hours ago, I was another small idea, floating in your head. Then you checked Buzzsumo to find what is the trending content of the hour. What will go with today’s coffee.

Voila, you had it. The themes and news that will drive traffic, maybe even stop traffic, for a few hours!

You started working. A few quick keyboard strokes later, you posted me, on all the…


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2015 Survey of Data Scientists Reveals Strategic Insights

CrowdFlower Report Reveals: Data Scientists Say Messy Data and Lack of Time for Analysis Are Their Top Career Obstacles

2015 Survey of Data Scientists Uncovers What's Holding Them Back in Their Jobs and How Organizations Can Empower Them to Deliver Greater Strategic Value

CrowdFlower today released its 2015 Data Scientist Report. Findings revealed that data scientists saw messy, disorganized data as a major hurdle preventing them from doing what they find most…


Added by Renette Youssef on February 10, 2015 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Big data not so big: Parallel thread processing in SAS

Many a times, data is presumed to be big.  The Big data that cannot be handled effectively by traditional software are usually images, weblogs, Facebook feeds, tweets and internet of data in vast magnitude.   In real case scenarios, servers with monstrous configurations are threaded in parallel to create redundancy and ability to handle multiple requests in structured and semi structured data.  In this article I will talk briefly about using parallel thread processing in base SAS to process…


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Swimming Pools and Nicholas Cage: A Look at How We Misunderstand Correlation

Can the recent four-point Super Bowl victory by the New England Patriots clue us in as to how many people will die in helicopter accidents?

The link between helicopter accident fatalities and Super Bowl point spreads is the latest …


Added by Peter Bruce on February 9, 2015 at 2:30pm — 3 Comments

Programming for Data Science the Polyglot approach: Python + R + SQL

In this post, I discuss a possible new approach to teaching Programming for Data Science.

Programming for Data Science is focussed on the R vs. Python question.  Everyone seems to have a view including the venerable …


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400 Categorized Job Titles for Data Scientists

Job titles for data scientists, including details about the simple but powerful classifier used to categorize these job titles. This analysis provides a break down per job category, and granular reports that you can download for free (job titles broken down per company, category and level), as well as NLP (natural language processing) source code. It is based on analyzing connections from multiple LinkedIn profiles - totaling more than 10,000 professionals. The first study…


Added by Vincent Granville on February 8, 2015 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

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