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Data Scientist, please meet the Data Artist

Jim Sterne | Anametrix Blog

I am delighted to bring you this guest post from Jim Sterne, an international consultant who focuses on measuring the value of the Web as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships. He has written eight books on using the Internet for marketing, is the founding president and current chairman of the Digital Analytics Association, produces the eMetrics Summit and sits on Anametrix’s Board of Advisors.…


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The reason Facebook paid US$ 19 bn for Whatsapp…decoded

On 19th…


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Is Your Customer Data For Your Customers Benefit?

We are all increasingly active in the digital space. 70%+ of people in the EU, and growing, use the Internet*, all contributing towards more data generation. But public misperceptions and perspectives on data and how it’s used for marketing, threaten to limit data’s potential curtailing marketers’ abilities to provide personalised services. Careful data usage greatly enhances our lives. Unfortunately, fear or irresponsible use (a thankfully rare occurrence), along with some sensationalist…


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Read this tutorial before you use Proc Corr

All of us at some point in the process of examining…


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The Data Science Toolkit - The Future Web Toolkit

There's a lot of confusing jargon and buzzwords in this new field. It helps to know who some of the major players are and what services they offer. This list is a mild introduction and far from exhaustive.

Amazon Web Services: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). EC2 virtual servers, S3 storage, Mechanical Turk, analytics, and more.

Yandex: Russian competitor for google. Recently launched Cocaine server based on Docker.

Salesforce: Customer Relationship Management…


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Forecasting with the Baum-Welch Algorithm and Hidden Markov Models

Leonard Baum and Lloyd Welch designed a probabilistic modelling algorithm to detect patterns in Hidden Markov Processes. They built upon the theory of probabilistic functions of a …


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R resource guide for quantitative Data scientist

This is a great introductory resource for those interested in R. but have not got a simplified version yet with strong  programming functions of R.  It makes statistical concepts easy to understand and visualize
complex statistical concepts.


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Big data: the door to co-operation and communication in telecommunications

Responsiveness and clarity, perhaps more than in any other industry are crucial to Telecommunications.

Challenged by the advancing communications demands of a ‘smartphone generation’ over the last few years, the role of communications service providers (CSP’s) and the data they offer is increasingly valuable, owing to the sheer quantity and quality of the unstructured data they produce.

Think about it. From mobile network to Internet providers and more, CSP’s are uniquely…


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Best Online Educational Programs in U.S.

Source: U.S. News

See Big Data Studio

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Risks Posed by Commodified Labour in Complex Fields

The commodification of labour coincides with technological advancements in production: it is perhaps most noticeable in relation to factories.  Factory processes replaced the labour once done by skilled tradespeople. It might not be obvious how this trend has continued to this day and is now affecting professionals in complex fields including those in the data sectors. I am talking about the "made to order" and "off the shelf" acquisition of labour commodities. What I describe as commodities…


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Big Data Vendor Revenue and Market Forecast 2013-2017

Originating Author: Jeff Kelly. Originally published on Wikibon.org.…


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Using Analytics to Solve the Problem of Employability

A warm welcome to our guest blogger- Arun Prabhu, Founder and CEO of inTouch Analytics. inTouch analytics delivers ‘everyday analytics’ to clients in India, United States and Europe while focusing on leveraging customer and employee relationships to deliver business value. Their forte being Talent Analytics (among other things), Arun interestingly outlines how they took on the challenge of modeling the problem of…


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20 short tutorials all data scientists should read (and practice)

The new, completed version of this Data Science Cheat Sheet can be found here.

We are now at 20, up from 17. I hope I find the time to write a one-page survival guide for UNIX, Python and Perl.…


Added by Vincent Granville on February 15, 2014 at 7:00am — 13 Comments

Interview with Dr. Roy Marsten, the Man Shaping Big Data

By Vincent Granville

Dr. Roy Marsten, author of more than 30 papers on computational optimization in academic journals, has been a professor at MIT, Northwestern, University of Arizona, and the Georgia Institute of Technology before becoming a Big Data entrepreneur, founding several companies. Today, he has taken his…


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Proposal for bulk email processing

Bulk email represents one of the largest portions of legitimate email (spam is not included in this category). Sending bulk email requires a lot of bandwidth, and technical expertize to obtain high delivery rates. Newsletters that you are subscribed to, are typically sent via newsletter management companies, such as Vertical Response, MailChimp, Constant Contact or iContact. It is also expensive, with $10,000 per…


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The top 1% data users consume 99% of all the data being produced. True or false?

True or false? What would be your numbers, in your opinion? And how do you define data user, even data? Is most of the data dormant and getting deleted even before being processed or summarized to feed some reports, actions or decisions?

Also, not all data is equal, comparing sensor data (very big) with…


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Interesting cartoons

Here are a few ones:…


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Weekly Digest - February 17

Sponsored Announcement

Predictive Analytics World, March 16-21, 2014 in San Francisco is the business event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners, covering today's commercial deployment of predictive analytics, across industries and across software vendors. The…


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