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EMC Greenplum Brings SQL to Hadoop | Forbes

By Ben Woo, Forbes Contributor.…

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Spark, Shark and Mesos Data Analytics Stack

The Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) is an open source, next-generation data analytics stack under development at the UC Berkeley AMPLab whose current components include …


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The Data Supply Chain and Master Data Management

The recent TDWI Keynote by Evan Levy focused on traditional…


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Weekly Digest - Feb 18



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30 great articles from top news outlets

Vincent's selection for the last 30 days. Enjoy the reading, share with colleagues!

  1. Big Data: Making Complex Things Simpler…

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Google Spanner : The Future Of NoSQL

Quite often, while working with Hbase, I used to feel how cool it would be to have a database that can replicate my data to datacenters across the world consistently. So that I can take the pleasure of global availability and geographic locality. And also which will save my data even in case of some catastrophe or…


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New York City’s $15M Big Data Partner

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a recent press conference detailed a new $15M partnership  to tackle the increasing volume of big data to increase New York’s capacity for applied sciences and potential for economic growth.  The agreement will create 440,00 square feet of new space dedicated to big data education and training, as well as the addition of 75 big data research specialists.

Dr. Kathleen McKeown and Dr. Patricia Culligan were selected to lead the new…


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The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Healthcare & Your Health

The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Healthcare & Your Health


Often we take good health for granted.  However if you or a loved one has ever experienced a sever injury, disease, or other health event, it is often a life changing occurrence, which turns one’s life upside down.  Today, there is more information available to patients to understand the symptoms, outline event progression, and summarize treatment options thanks to the Internet.  However, there is…


Added by J. David Morris on February 14, 2013 at 11:09am — 2 Comments

Optimizing Merchandising Using Big Data Analytics

Merchandising managers, for many years, have been grappling with the following three major challenges (among others), in making product management decisions:

  1. Understanding visitor & purchase behavior in the store (and online)
  2. Silos of product, purchase and customer data that are disconnected, disparate and…

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18 great articles posted this week on Data Science Central

Editor's picks:

  1. Fake data science…

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Selecting the Right Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform

Selecting the right Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Platform for a unique organization is challenging. Each organization - both in the public and private sectors - has a legacy IT ecosystem as well as unique competencies, skills, knowledge / business processes and people. As a result, the…


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66 job interview questions for data scientists

We are now at 91 questions. We've also added 50 new ones here, and started to provide answers to these questions here. These are mostly…


Added by Vincent Granville on February 13, 2013 at 8:00pm — 21 Comments

Are You a Data Whisperer?

Data is like horses; it can be untamed and unmanageable or it can be trained and useful. Taking data from the one state to the other can be routine and fit to the ken of any data scientist. But then, sometimes there are wild Clydesdale data sets, big bucking blobs of inconsistency that require the skills of a Data Whisperer.

A Data Whisperer is someone who can see an analytics problem from the data's perspective. The DW understands where the data came from, how it has been used, what…


Added by Tim Negris on February 13, 2013 at 6:40am — 1 Comment

Weekly Digest - Feb 11

The format has changed a litte bit. We have now 5 sections: Sponsored Announcements, Staff Contributions, Guest Blog Posts, Guest Forum Questions and Miscellaneous, from DSC and its two channels: BigDataNews.com and AnalyticBridge.com.

Sponsored Announcements…


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The graveyard of programming languages

Interesting article from Stevey's "Drunken Blog Rants™", about dying and dead languages - from Fortran, Algol, Lisp, C++ to Perl. Posted in 2004, the rants against Perl are very strong. Stevey describes how totally crazy its founder - Lary Wall - was, turning Perl into a cult, and how and why Ruby and Python are superior.



Added by Vincent Granville on February 9, 2013 at 3:00pm — 7 Comments

The Need for a Product-Centric Approach to Big Data

Market research firm IDC predicts that all digital data created will reach 4 zettabytes in 2013. Gartner says that Big Data is moving from small, individual, and focused projects to an enterprise-wide architecture. All this requires a breakthrough when it comes to current approaches for leveraging Big Data.

We are clearly still in the earliest days of the Big Data movement. As such, companies are lacking the expertise and know-how to operationalize and monetize their data assets and…


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Predicting the chance that your tax return will be audited

What are your chances of being audited? And how can data science help answer this question, for each of us individually?

Some factors increase the chance of an audit, including:

  • High income…

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How the Data Scientist Should Navigate Office Politics

Have you ever found yourself trying to convince a group of people to become more data driven and meeting a LOT of resistance?

First, understand that this is normal.  Second, understand that there are things you can do about it. This resistance exists because of factors at the personal and the organizational levels. People have existing plans based on their own assumptions.  People, including you and me, make decisions on incomplete information.  Without complete information,…


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Vote for the Best Big Data Analytics Platform

Vote @ http://bit.ly/WwSKeD

Vote @ …


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Mobile Analytics Tools

The growth of mobile has spurred a demand for mobile analytics, and cloud-based data storage/retrieval/processing has greatly simplified the process and lowered the price. Slowly, mobile app developers, interactive agencies, and market research companies are seeing the benefits of data analysis in evaluating mobile strategy and mobile projects.

Most mobile analytics companies are very similar: they require that you drop a small amount of their code into your app, which then allows a…


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