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Industry Heavyweights Battle in the "The Data Science Debate"

Industry thought leaders: 

Peter Skomoroch (LinkedIn), Michael Driscoll (Metamarkets), DJ Patil (Greylock Partners),Toby…

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Video: Ooyala Data Scientist, Matt Pisienski

The folks at Ooyala continue to impress with their quarterly Video Index Report. Checkout Data Scientist, Matt Pisienski's perspective. Oh, and stay tuned until the end and watch the outtakes --that's where the real story is told!

Watch the video.

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Data Science Central Exclusive: Get Featured in Rick Smolan's "The Human Face of Big Data"

To all members of DSC and AnalyticBridge,

I'm writing to tell you about a fascinating project taking place next month aimed at showcasing the work of professionals working in the Big Data arena.  The organizers are dispatching one hundred of the world's leading photojournalists to 30 countries in March to capture stories for a project called "The Human Face of Big Data", to show all the ways Big Data is touching peoples lives around the world.


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Why Midsize Businesses Shouldn't Leave Big Data to Big Businesses

I often get asked about the relevance of "Big Data" for not-so-big companies. A recent blog post at theinfobloom.com by Brandy Courtade talks about something that I believe in for all "Big Data" participants: mindset, and the importance of having a new one!

"You can tackle big data on your own scale. It won't be on the same scale as the Watson project, but wrestling that wide variety of "random" data and compiling it into something meaningful can still benefit your…


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Seeking PHD Candidates and Alumni from Top Universities in Computational Science and Mathematics

Multiple Data Science Positions for PhDs and PhD students

Accretive Health

Chicago, IL.

Accretive Health (NYSE: AH) is looking for PHDs and PHD students from top schools with a passion for machine learning, algorithms, AI, data mining and bioinformatics to solve a massive problem.

We want to talk with you about tackling one of the most complex and compelling issues in this country: the need to reduce healthcare costs while increasing…


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Example of Bad Analytics and How to Remedy it

This came in my mailbox as a sales pitch by Autobox, however I thought that it is interesting:

Since we are always interested in learning about how others do time series and testing how our approaches work vis-à-vis other dated procedures, we pursued the data and would like to share our results. 

Sometimes in an educational process, simplifying and simply wrong assumptions are made to solve complex time series.…


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[Book] Big Data - Principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems

Big Data

Principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems


Nathan Marz and Sam Ritchie

MEAP Began: January 2012

Softbound print: Summer 2012 | 425 pages 

ISBN: 9781617290343

Pre-Order options*
Order today and start…

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Key update for Social Media Analytics Summit

Since the super early bird special is ending on Friday, I'd love for you to check out the brochure for the Social Media Analytics Summit (April 17-18, San Fran) if you haven't taken a look yet. You can do so here - Social Media Analytics Summit Brochure…


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10+ Great Metrics and Strategies for Email Campaign Optimization

This is our first article in a series about good actionable KPI's to optimize various ROI. Future articles will focuse on metrics for fraud detection, user engagement etc. This one focuses on newsletter optimization.

If you run an online newsletter, here are a number of metrics you need to track:

  1. Open rate: proportion of uniques opening your newsletter. Anything below 10% is poor,…

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Estimating Operational Risk Capital: the Challenges of Truncation, the Hazards of MLE, and the Promise of Robust Statistics

J.D. Opdyke and Alex Cavallo

In operational risk measurement, the estimation of severity distribution parameters is the main driver of capital estimates, yet this remains a non-trivial challenge for many reasons.  Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) does not adequately meet this challenge because of its well-documented non-robustness to modest violations of idealized textbook model assumptions, specifically that the data are independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.), which is…


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WSJ Reports: New Skills Needed For Big Data (Data Scientists)

Ben Rooney, of WSJ Europe, recently posted a quick interview with EMC's Pat Gelsinger discussing Big Data. In my opinion, Gelsinger is one of the most thoughtful (and successful) high tech execs in the entire industry. His perspective on Big Data is spot on.

“We do think there is this new skill set— data scientist,” he said in an interview at a London conference he hosted on Big Data. “This will be the cool new place to be, like computer science was 30 years ago. Then we…


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Request For Proposal: Financial Market Analysis Algorithms


I am contacting you to make you aware of NineSigma Request, RFP# 67977, "Financial Market Analysis Algorithms."

NineSigma, representing a multi-billion dollar IT company, invites proposals for technologies to analyze stock prices and currency exchange rates to provide users with indicators that are…


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Interview with Drew Rockwell, CEO of Lavastorm

1. Short Bio

I started my career in the communications industry, where I spent 20 years with a Tier 1 carrier in probably 15 different jobs across the entire organization: Marketing, Advertising, Product Management, Operations, Sales, General Management, Strategy and Business Development. I basically experienced a multi-billion business from many different functional areas, at increasingly responsible…


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Official Theme For Silicon Valley: Big Data

According to the San Jose Mercury News writer Chris O'Brien, not only does Silicon Valley have the official theme of Big Data, but there is a data-driven revolution coming in healthcare. From the article:

It seems clear that machines, computers and software are capable of delivering a revolution in health care, a future that feels so possible and tantalizingly close. The barriers, for now, continue to be us hopelessly imperfect…


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[Job] Data Scientist, Analytics - Twitter (San Francisco, CA)

About this Job

We're looking for highly motivated individuals to help us extract meaning from Twitter's massive dataset. As a Data Scientist for the Analytics team, you'll use statistical analysis and data mining techniques to help us better understand how users engage with Twitter, determine whether new and experimental features should be launched, and measure Twitter's success across the entire organization. You should be passionate about finding insights in data and using…


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Vincent Granville - In the Top 20 List of Big Data Influencers (Forbes)

Congratulations to our Data Science Central partner, Vincent Granville of Analytic Bridge! In a recent Forbes.com post Vincent shows the power of community in the wildy growing universe of Big Data. From the post:

"It’s particularly interesting to see AnayticBridge(Vincent Granville) in there because unlike many on the list this…


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DataScienceCentral.com Announces Content Partnership with Visual.ly to Expand Big Data Ecosystem

The online hub for big data practitioners also adds industry thought leader, Richard Snee, as advisor and guest editor

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire via…


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