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Moving the goal posts – Variable ticket pricing comes to the NFL


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Trying to restore database

Msg 3101, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use.

Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

Error 005



First bring database offline to close opened connections, and than again bring online second you can continue to restore the backups for the…


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Weekly digest - February 3

Featured Articles


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Your custom MDM solution: Don’t make these mistakes (Part 1)

Your custom MDM solution: Don’t make these mistakes (Part 1)

Most MDM implementations will be based on a commercial software product.  By relying on a packaged solution, the architectural considerations have been addressed by the software vendor, allowing the project team to focus on the data management considerations.  However, there are cases when a custom MDM solution may be needed.  When proceeding down the path of custom development for MDM, we have some advice for you:…


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Big Data analytics: Key insights for 2013 and what's ahead for 2014

 In a recent interview with CIO Review magazine, Beyond the Arc CEO, Steven Ramirez shared his insights on the evolution of Big Data analytics in 2013, and what we can expect in 2014. 

What was the impact of Big Data in 2013?…

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Predicting the Super Bowl

NFL 2013 Team Expected Points Added (EPA) per game - Defense by Offense

The atavistic love of sport, strategy,…


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Scientific visualizations in early mathematical biology and morphology.

In 1917, Darcy W. Thompson, a pioneering mathematical biologist wrote a beautiful and exceptional demonstration about the relation between morphology and biology. Indeed, Thompson introduces its famous and elegant form of varying the Cartesian space as a tool to show the analogies between species. The central thesis of…


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Lenders, know thy customer

Consumer complaints about financial institutions are never all that surprising. When it comes to money—purchasing, saving and borrowing—many people are sensitive, protective, and cautious, especially in tough economic times. Consumer confidence has waned in the past decade, and the reputations of banks (mortgage lenders, in particular) has suffered. Yet…


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Data Analytics: Keeping it Clean with a Nod to History

Excerpt reprinted with permission from ckmadvisors.com


Recently Mark Ginsburg, a Director and senior data scientist with our firm, wrote a historical perspective on the importance of simplicity and transparency in conducting data analytics. The push for transparency and free/open standards has long been a key component of…


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Practical illustration of Map-Reduce (Hadoop-style), on real data

Here I will discuss a general framework to process web traffic data. The concept of Map-Reduce will be naturally introduced. Let's say you want to design a system to score Internet clicks, to measure the chance for a click to convert, or the chance to be fraudulent or un-billable. The data comes from a publisher or ad network; it could be Google. Conversion data is limited and poor (some conversions are tracked,…


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Survival Analysis (Video)

In my latest video blog (6.25 minutes), I provide an overview of Survival Analysis, an extremely useful branch of statistics.  

Topics I cover are:

* What is Survival Analysis

* Objectives of Survival Analysis

* Models available to analyze the relationship between a set of predictor variables and the survival time

* Examples of where…


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Not just analyze the log, mine it.

Much more devices held, much more messages sent, much more data up in the air.

Upon the arrival of IOT (Internet of Things) era, number of connected devices grows rapidly, the signals of which stack up mines containing valuable, hidden insights.

We used to analyze log files for risk management, spotting the anomalies and exceptions based on outlined records. Via the ever-richer meta data and context, we are entitled to weave more story from the strings now. By union or…


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The Data Science Toolkit - taking your first steps towards becoming a Data Scientist

When I stumbled upon the phrase "Data Scientist" 3 years ago, I immediately recognized it as my best prospect for a productive career. How to start? What are the tools of the trade?

This is the blog post I wish I could have read back then.

Many of the things I list here didn't exist or were unstable until recently.

I discovered the "predictive analytics" rabbit hole and started to read and watch whatever I could find on the subject. Upon watching the Gigaohm…


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Article: Using Data Mining Techniques to Predict the Winter Olympics Medal Counts

Can data mining techniques accurately predict the medal counts at the Olympics?  This question came into mind four years ago while I was watching the Winter Games in Vancouver.  I knew that a predictive model could give us an estimate of the number of medals each nation might win; but how close could we get to the actual outcomes? It was a tantalizing project…


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Data Science: What goes around comes around

Many, many moons ago I began my first data science project. It involved a search algorithm for selecting the most probable mode of inheritance for a congenital anomaly given 10,000 two-generation pedigrees. Given the complexity of the algorithm I had to do my own coding: in FORTRAN ! It was tedious to say the least but I felt that I thoroughly knew the ins and outs of the methodology as a consequence writing code.

After that project I discovered a new analytical tool that promised to…


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Weekly digest - January 27


Predictive Analytics World, March 16-21, 2014 in San Francisco is the business event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners, covering today's commercial deployment of predictive analytics, across industries and across software vendors. The conference delivers…


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A Date with a Data Scientist

Interview with Kathirmani Sukumar, a Data Analyst at Gramener, a successful Niche Analytics Company. Kathirmani was happy to share his story and I am sure that this interview reproduced below will be very useful for all of you considering a career in data analytics. Kathirmani shares some how he became interested in analytics, some useful insights about the industry and most interesting of all, he takes us through a…


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IPython, RMagic, and Plotly: Graph and Analyze Titanic Passengers

Here is a nifty IPython. Check out the graphs:



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Banks gain value out of big data focusing on the customer experience

Consumers are demanding greater financial flexibility and experiences. 2013 was the first time in the history of banking where the numbers of transactions from on-line banking trumped the number of retail banking transactions by 6:1. The younger generation prefers on-line banking vs. retail banking, and the older generation is adopting technology faster than ever before.…


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Three myths about data scientists and big data

Here are my reactions to the LinkedIn conversation about the "Statistical data scientists". In short, I believe that modern big data needs new ways of processing data, and that data scientists are polyvalent (versatile) with deep expertise in a few domains, across…


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