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The Internet of Things, Data Science and Big Data

The Internet of Things (IOT) will soon produce a massive volume and variety of data at unprecedented velocity. If "Big Data" is the product of the IOT, "Data Science" is it's soul.…


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Letter from the Editor

Dear members,

I’m very pleased to announce a new addition to the DSC community – Big Data News! I’d like to personally invite you to join me on our latest Data Science Central Community Channel dedicated to all things Big Data. You can click on…


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Real-time Insights on Driving Patterns from Big Data – The Next Frontier for Competitive Advantage for Automakers

Getting real-time insights on driving patterns could disrupt how automotive manufacturers compete, build, market and offer cars in the next decade and beyond. Note that I didn’t use the word “sell” which I think is fast becoming the old way of doing business – “pushing” products to consumers i.e “build it and they will come” strategy will simply not work as consumerization takes hold

A recent report from Center for Automotive Research, pegged…


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Weekly Digest - January 26

Also check the Additional Resources section at the bottom.

Featured Articles

  1. Top 10 Data Scientists from Gil Press A-List
  2. [Book]…

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The Big Data Tidal Wave - How Technology is Shaping the way Finanical Services Companies Operate

Technology to store, manage, search and analyze Big Data leaps to the top of the agenda for Financial Institutions as enterprise NoSQL databases come of age.

Financial Institutions are focused on initiatives to survive in a world where regulatory pressure, risk mitigation and increasing volumes of data continue to pressure legacy infrastructures. Improved…


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Top 10 Data Scientists from Gil Press A-List

Here's the current list (as of January 26), according to Gil Press, a well know data science contributor for Forbes..

The first three numbers (for each data scientist) represent reach, resonance and relevance respectively. The next three entries represent recent popular articles.…


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Data Science is a Team Sport

The hype of "big data" has created a mythical god called the data scientist: a lone-wolf, super-smart human with a solid foundation in computer science, modeling, statistics, analytics, math and strong business acumen, coupled with the ability to communicate findings to…


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Looking to hire a Ning Consultant with specialized expertize

We are looking for a consultant to (initially) fix an issue with our banner ads in our two (soon to be three) Ning networks: DataScienceCentral and AnalyticBridge



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Creepy Advertising Fraud Reaches New Levels

This is very scary: you visit a web site on an infected computer, and suddenly all the ads (e.g. about data science conferences) are replaced by irrelevant, crappy ads (e.g. about weight loss). For about 0.5 second, you can see the original ads, but they quickly get over-written by the fraudulent content. It impacts display ads, as well as contextual ads on many websites, but only on infected computers, and only…


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The Disruptive Power of Big Data in the 2012 Presidential Election

Live webcast  …


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Giviing Big Data Publishing the Royal Treatment

A NoSQL database from MarkLogic provides the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) with the ability to unlock a treasure trove of assets.  Now the RSC can publish three times as many journals and four times as many articles. It also gave the Society the ability to develop new educational applications to make chemistry accessible to a wider audience.

Modern approaches to information products replete with full text search have the power to transform your business.  Built on an enterprise…


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No Holy Grail: Moving Beyond the Data Warehouse

Cloud data, cubes, relational databases, flat files, unstructured data... the list goes on and on. Ten years ago, many would have said that the future of data and business intelligence lay in unified, cohesive data warehouses where organizations could store all of their datasources (after ETL, of course). The future is here, but many organizations are finding that their databases are maturing and growing faster than their ability to integrate them into their data warehouse.



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Data Science Technologies Ecosytem

See: http://bit.ly/13Fi03G

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The Curse of the Bell Curve – Part 2

The ‘Bell curve’ or the ‘Gaussian bell curve’ is one of the fundamental concepts on which most of the statistical analysis is based. From social sciences to astronomy to financial services- most of the application of statistics in the real world relies on the assumption that the data being analysed is distributed in the shape of the bell…


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Introduction to Classification & Regression Trees (CART)

Decision Trees are commonly used in data mining with the objective of creating a model that predicts the value of a target (or dependent variable) based on the values of several input (or independent variables).  In today's post, we discuss the CART decision tree methodology.  The CART or Classification &…

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Weekly Digest Special Edition: Most Popular Articles of all Time

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  • Take Skytree's Big Data Analytics Survey and win stuff! Take our 5-minute survey and five of you will win $100 Amazon gift cards; we’re also giving away 25 T-Shirts. Everyone that participates gets the final Big Data Analytics report.…


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Weekly Digest - January 11

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Leveraging all data, big and small, for effective insurance marketing

Excellent customer communications is now a recognized component to drive sales and give Insurance companies the competitive advantage. Here are some tips when utilizing analytics to solve marketing solutions while keeping the customer in mind:


  • Create a single profile of the customer. Use big data and data management strategies, such as refining existing platforms to provide the ability to…

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Data Science Ethics & Big Data Business Models

Ray Wang's HBR piece "What a Big-Data Business Model Looks Like" asserts three basic information…


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7 big data articles published in mainstream newspapers

Unlike our "articles from top news outlels" which features articles from tech publications, the articles below were published in mainstream journals that are not targeted to tech people (e.g. USA Today, Seattle Times etc.) All of them talk about data, big data and analytics. It shows how big data and analytics have gained popularity over the last few years.…


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