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DSC Webinar Series: The Past, Present and Future of Data Science A Live Roundtable

  • Sean Welch 

This latest Data Science Central Webinar was recorded from a live roundtable discussion with the introduced members of the Pivotal Data Science team. This is a truly unique event that is intended to provide the DSC Community members a full hour to interact with and learn from their years of real-world experience. You, the audience, are again encourage to participate and take advantage of the unique access and knowledge base provided here today.
Topics discussed will include (but not be limited to):

-How did you become a data scientist?
-What steps did you take?
-What are the most important qualities of a data scientist?
-How would you describe a typical work day?
-What is the largest data set you have worked on?
-Which tools/platforms do you use (R, Python, Hadoop etc.)?
-How do you think the field of data science will evolve in the years to come?
-What tools and techniques are you looking forward to using in the future?
-In what ways do you think data science will continue to transform industries?