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DSC Webinar Series: How United Way Embraces Data Visualization To Drive Social Impact 12.9.2015

  • Sean Welch 

United Way of the Bay Area is part of the largest private charitable network of organizations in the world, United Way Worldwide. In the San Francisco Bay Area, United Way is a leading poverty fighting organization with a stated goal of cutting poverty in half by the year 2020. United Way doesn’t attack the complex problems underlying poverty independently, but instead serves as a catalyst by collaborating with local agencies, government and corporations. The high degree of cross-agency and intra-agency collaboration means United Way must deal with disparate data from a range of sources while simultaneously developing intuitive tools that can be used to monitor change, track key indicators and facilitate discovery of patterns/trends leading to new insights. For these reasons United Way utilized Tableau as its data vizualization platform as it migrated to its goal of being a data driven organization. Over the past 3 years since adopting Tableau, United Way has vastly improved its ability to identify key insights, drive action and communicate impact to donors, partners, and internal team members.

This webinar will demonstrate how United Way uses data visualization to measure progress, empower collaboration and support decision-making across a broad audience, highlighting how UWBA:

· Empowers a truly data-driven culture
· Creatively connects disparate, messy information in one place
· Builds various “non-techy” dashboards to support various projects

Speaker: India Swearingen, Director of Evaluation, United Way
Hosted by: Tim Matteson, Cofounder, Data Science Central