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DSC Webinar Series: How to Drive Python Model ROI & User Engagement

  • Sean Welch 

Python is one of the most popular modeling languages in the world, and yet more than half of the time, developers fail to deliver their advanced analytics to the business end-user. The main barrier is the lack of a deployment platform that converts models into user-friendly applications. Instead of having to continue running these models yourself or relying on a patchwork of open-source platforms, we’d like to (re-)introduce you to an enterprise-ready solution that fully integrates with Python to convert your analytics into a useable, interactable form: FICO Xpress Insight.

If you work with Python, don’t miss this chance to learn how to overcome all of the “last-mile” obstacles and actually generate applications that allow for what-if analyses, reporting, user management, load balancing, drag-and-drop UI creation capabilities, and more.

In today’s Data Science Central webinar, we’ll show you:

How to deploy a Python model in FICO Xpress Insight in 5 minutes
Customization options for Python models
Practical demonstrations of several common use cases

Finally, data scientists and operations researchers can stop wasting time, money, and effort on advanced analytics that never get put to use—be sure to join us!

Dr. Oliver Bastert, Vice President of Product Management – FICO
Dr. Johannes Mueller, Senior Optimization Modeler – FICO
Dr. Vladimir Roitch, Senior Scientist – FICO

Hosted by: 
Bill Vorhies, Editorial Contributor – Data Science Central