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DSC Webinar Series: Developing, Deploying and Managing Models at Scale

  • Sean Welch 

When it comes to data and analytics investments, organizations are looking to achieve better and faster decisions. Data science/IT teams need to effectively collaborate to quickly prototype and industrialize solutions. Conversations are no longer about what tool or specific technology to use. Expectations are being elevated to capabilities that can make a reliable impact and increase collaboration of data practitioners.

In today’s Data Science Central webinar, data scientist Marinela Profi will share examples of the impact AI is having and how ModelOps plays a role in ensuring a reliable output at every moment and ensuring governance of the AI & Analytics lifecycle. She will then share metrics data scientists can use to assess things like bias, fairness and interpretability of complex models.

Marinela Profi, Data Scientist and AI Marketing Manager – SAS

Sean Welch, Host and Producer – DSC