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DSC Webinar Series: Catalyzing Banking Innovation with SAS Viya on Microsoft Azure

  • Sean Welch 

Cloud-native analytics platforms enable data scientists across industries to move faster and smarter than ever. The advantages accelerate when the analytics platform is both cloud-native and open-source compatible. In the most recent SAS Global Hackathon, all teams were provided access to the SAS® Viya® platform over Microsoft® Azure® cloud, which put all teams on the same level playing field in terms of opportunities to innovate.

This latest Data Science Central webinar features a discussion with two leaders from the banking track of the Hackathon. They will examine the innovative approaches to problem solving taken by the banking teams, such as a machine learning-driven loan application process, models to explore sustainability performance, to predict / prevent fraud, and more. They will delve into the enabling role of the SAS Viya on Azure environments that they hacked in and how those advantages might transfer more broadly to the rich opportunities made possible by digital transformation. 

Tune in as they explore how cloud-deployed analytics are changing the pace of innovation in banking in ways that are sure to open up new horizons for the data scientist to address broad industry challenges, such as risk modeling, anti-money laundering, stress testing and various forms of fraud detection and prevention.

James Swinnerton, Principal Solutions Architect – SAS
Alex Kwiatkowski, Advisory Industry Consultant – SAS

Hosted by: 
Sean Welch, Host and Producer – Data Science Central