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DSC Webinar Series: Best Fit Engineering for SQL on Hadoop

  • Sean Welch 

Join us for our latest DSC Webinar series as we discuss how enterprises have increasingly large volumes of structured and semi-structured data generated by all sorts of applications. Much of that data is increasingly finding its way into Hadoop clusters for analytics because of its versatility and the economical, linear scalability of both data storage and compute. And SQL is still the best option for querying it:

SQL is the universal connector to many BI tools and technologies
Prevalent SQL skills overcome the Hadoop skills gap
Hadooponomics enables more analytics on more data at a much lower cost
Forrester recently concluded that organizations need to choose more than one SQL-on-Hadoop tool to satisfy all requirements. Hortonworks and Teradata agree in this “best fit engineering” approach designed to match the benefits of each tool set to map to actual workload requirements, while remaining true to 100% open source innovation.

You will learn about SQL on Hadoop best practices, including:

A brief history of SQL on Hadoop
Architecture and use cases for Hive and Presto
Technical deep dive and futures for Hive and Presto


Mark Shainman, Program Manager — Teradata
Mark Lochbihler, Director, Partner Engineering — Hortonworks

Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director — Data Science Central