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Data Strategist

This rubric covers organizational strategy and how digital transformations, the effective use of AI, big data and related technology are essential to an overall framework for business success in the digital age.


What’s Data-Centric Architecture?

  • Alan Morrison 

Data-centric architecture revisits architecture and turns that architecture on its head. Ever since the dawn of client-server computing, applications have been the focus of enterprise IT buyers.


We Live in a Bayesian World – Part 2

  • Bill Schmarzo 

Those darn humans have a few learning impediments that impact our ability to effectively learn from integrating a historical perspective with new evidence or data. Let’s explore some impediments that hinder our ability to learn more effectively.

Car turbocharger showing inside, isolated on white background.

Data Economic Force Multiplier

  • Bill Schmarzo 

In complex systems, not all parts or components are of equal value. Some parts or components can have an oversized influence on the overall system’s performance to achieve specific outcomes. These parts or components are known as force multipliers

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