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Top 10 Hot Data Science Technologies

In April, Gil Press posted a list of top 10 hot big data technologies in Forbes Magazine. The technologies being featured as hot were:

  • Predictive analytics
  • NoSQL databases
  • Search and knowledge discovery
  • Stream analytics
  • In-memory data fabric
  • Distributed file stores
  • Data virtualization
  • Data integration
  • Data preparation (automation)
  • Data quality

The article came with a cool chart (produced by Forrester Research, and similar to other charts produced by Gartner) :


What do you think are the hottest technologies now? Do you agree with Gil’s list?

Personnally, I think that the hottest technologies (related to data science) are:

  • Adapting modern predictive algorithms to a distributed architecture
  • AI (pattern recognition)
  • Deep learning (the interection of AI and machine learning)
  • Data science automation
  • Leveraging data from sensors (IoT)
  • Turning unstructured data into structured data, and data standardization
  • Blending multiple predictive models together
  • Intensive data and model simulation (Monte-Carlo or Bayesian methods), to study complex systems such as weather, using HPC (high performance computing)

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