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7 Articles About Hadoop, IoT, AI, DataViZ, NLP, and Fake News

Top 10 Commercial Hadoop Platforms 

Hadoop, the software framework which provides the necessary tools to carry out Big Data analysis, is widely used in industry and commerce for many Big Data related tasks. It is open source, essentially meaning that it is free for anyone to use for any purpose, and can be modified for any use. While designed to be user-friendly, in its “raw” state it still needs considerable specialist knowledge to set up and run. Click here to read more.

Simple introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Today, with Digitization of everything, 80 percent the data being created is unstructured. Audio, Video, our social footprints, the data generated from conversations between customer service reps, tons of legal document’s texts processed in financial sectors are examples of unstructured data stored in Big Data. Click here to read more.

What is Going on with Residential IoT Cyber Security?

For sure you have heard about the recent DDoS attacks that occurred last October 21st on Dyn’s DNS service. The news broke out reporting that many well-known Internet services were not available. According to Hacker News Twitter, Etsy, Spotify and other sites were affected. Up to this point, there’s nothing new, just another DDoS attack. Large company outage means big news, but there is still a point that is key in this equation and that has not been addressed. Was Residential or Consumer IoT affected? Click here to read more.

Taxonomy of 3D DataViz

Been trying to pull together a taxonomy of 3D data viz. Biggest difference is I think between allocentric (data moves) and egocentric (you move) viewpoints. The difference between whether you then view/explore the egocentric 3D visualisation on a 2D screen or in a 3D headset is I think a lesser distinction (and actually an HMD is possible less practical in most cases). Click here to read more.

Twelve types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) problems

Background: How many cats does it take to identify a Cat? This question is in reference to Andrew Ng’s famous paper on Deep Learning where he was correctly able to identify images of Cats from YouTube videos. On one level, the answer is very clear: because Andrew Ng lists that number in his paper. That number is 10 million images. But the answer is incomplete because […] Click here to read more.

Building Animated Cartograms: An Underutilized Map Type

To illustrate this point, here is a comparison between two maps that display similar information. One is a cartogram, a map in which some variable (population, GDP, etc) has been substituted for land area. The other one is a choropleth, a more common type of map that encodes information using color. Click here to read more.


There Are Lies, Damn Lies, And Journalism – It has become clear over the last few months that mainstream media on both sides are stretching the truth, if not reporting fake stories first published in outlets such as The Onion. The famous picture below (about the number of people attending Trump’s inauguration versus Obama 8 years ago) raises interesting questions. I am not saying that the images are fake, but rather, I point to the kind of questions everyone should ask herself, especially every data scientist, before coming to a conclusion. Click here to read more.


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