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Four Great Pictures Illustrating Machine Learning Concepts

Four pictures were posted recently on Data Science Central, and have immediately become popular. They are designed as one-page tutorials on some specific (basic or advanced) topics. Click on the links below to find those related to the subjects that you are interested in. 

Four Great Pictures Illustrating Machine Learning Concepts

Other useful sources of visual summaries, to learn the ropes or to use as a refresher, includes:

  • Periodic Tables: Covering dataviz, machine learning libraries (R and Julia)
  • Cheat Sheets: Too numerous to list, and typically designed for practitioners. Covering topics such as Stata, R, Machine Learning, Python, Data Science, Hadoop. Click on the Cheat Sheets link to find them.
  • Infographics: About data science in general. Too numerous to list. Usually aimed at the layman; your kids can understand them. A few ones are listed in the picture below. To view and access all the results, click on the Infographics link.


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