My Best Data Science, Machine Learning and Math Related Articles

Here I list my most interesting contributions published on Data Science Central. My plan is to categorize and aggregate this content to produce a few self-published books. The material below will always be available for free (from this webpage), but the books won't, or if they are, they will be free for members only. So you might want to bookmark this page.   

I have also written a number of academic papers, you can find some of them here. Older articles from here, also here, and from past weekly digests will be added over time. Some older content can be found in my Wiley book

My home office, where I write most of my DSC articles 

The articles below are listed in reverse chronological order. This is a work in progress: I am still adding older entries. So check back again in a few weeks! Some of these articles are also featured on my Twitter profile at @GranvilleDSC.

1. Core Articles



2. Blog Posts About Data Science



Business and General

3. Other Blog Posts




4. Guides and References

4. Small Contributions

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Comment by Steve Young on December 20, 2016 at 6:56am
Love your work Vincent !!!

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