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Generative AI megatrends: How many LLMs would you subscribe to?

  • ajitjaokar 
Generative AI megatrends: How many LLMs would you subscribe to?

I recently subscribed to openAI GPT4 for the OpenAI Code Interpreter/Advanced data analytics.

We are using it in our class at the University of Oxford. 

Its really cool and we are also waiting the multimodal openAI features

Recently, a well known AI critic said that he does not see how Generative AI companies could be profitable due to the high cost of running an LLM (GPU, Energy etc)

This made me think, as someone who just subscribed to an LLM, how many LLMs would you subscribe to today and why?

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Innovation: Firstly, the sheer rate of change, especially from OpenAI gives the fear of missing out to many. Both multimodal AI and Code interpreter are game changers.
  2. Developers: Microsoft believes that developers will pay 30 USD/month for tools like Github copilot. For a productivity increase, this will be justified.
  3. Specific platform strategic alignments: On our radar are Anthropic with its investment from Google and AWS and also hugging face with its investment from IBM
  4. Open source: Similarly, open source tools like llama2 are high on innovation agenda
  5. Finally, we are fans of emerging tools like llamaindex

In a nutshell, this is a rapidly evolving ecosystem with shifting value. 

If you are a knowledge worker, the increase in productivity will justify the investment. The specific platform may differ as above – but the productivity boost will justify the investment into paid subscription in generative AI.

Considering my personal subscription Open AI Code interpreter

There are many stages of the data science pipeline that it could perform

These include

Data cleaning

Image Editing 

File Conversion 

Text Sentiment Analysis 

Web Scraping 

Audio/Video Editing 

Anonymizing Data 

Image Captioning 

ML Model Training Automation 

Data Visualization

Survey Analysis with Code Interpreter 


In other words, there are many reasons why people would actually subscribe to generative AI

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