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Which Celebrity Movie Star Do You Look Like?

Interesting machine learning app posted on Vonvon. You need to log on using Facebook, and it automatically fetches your profile pictures, but you can also upload some pictures from your computer. It then tries to find a match in a database of star pictures. It asks for your gender, but obviously as you can see below (this is me, on the far left) not for your age. It would be interesting to test two different pictures of the same person, and see if it provides the same result. Of to check whether everybody ends up being matched with the same actor, based on gender. 

It also shows how data scientists can make money independently, by developing neat apps that rely on machine learning algorithms, in this case facial recognition. Not sure how they make money since the service is free, but it requires logging in via Facebook, so they probably capture some of your information (email address, list of friends) and that information is worth at least $10 per profile if used efficiently. 

It is also possible that this app uses some information from your Facebook profile to help optimize the algorithm.


Interestingly, I used Google in the past to find people that looked like me, and found different results, click here for the results. Google tried to match my picture (the exact same picture as the one used here) with ordinary people (not stars) without asking for my gender, unlike this app. As a result, I was matched with a mix of both males and females (one of them happened to have the same firstname and lastname as me, as Google image matching algorithm scans the metadata found in images.)  

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