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Top tech skills with $130K+ salary are data science related

Business Insider analyzed tech skills posted in job ads found on Dice.com. Below are the 6 data science skills found in the top 10, in terms of salary. This is in accordance with a previous study, performed using Glassdoor data (instead of Dice) to conclude that data scientist is the most promising job in 2016

  • MapReduce is a programming framework used for analyzing data to get meaning out of it. It’s most commonly associated with Hadoop, a system for storing data across a bunch of low-cost servers.
  • Pig is another hot skill associated with Hadoop. It’s a programming language that lets you extract information from Hadoop find answers to questions or otherwise use the data.
  • PaaS is “platform as a service,” which is a cloud system that lets developers build entire applications and host them in the cloud. Microsoft’s Azure is the most prominent example.
  • Cloudera makes a commercial version of Hadoop. Although Hadoop is a free and open-source project for storing large amounts of data on inexpensive computer servers, the free version of Hadoop is not easy to use. Several companies have created friendlier versions of Hadoop, and Cloudera is among the most popular.
  • Cassandra is a free and open source “noSQL” database, which can handle and store data of different types and sizes. It’s increasingly the go-to database for mobile and cloud applications. Apple uses Cassandra in a big way to store over 10 petabytes of data. Netflix uses it, too, among many others.
  • HANA is SAP’s database, the company’s Oracle competitor. HANA is a part of a new wave of databases, known as an in-memory database. It runs entirely in a computer’s memory instead of on storage disks. It can crunch large amounts of data nearly instantly.

Four skills are related to cloud computing and software deployment automation (DevOps), and are not listed here. PaaS is borderline IT / Data Science. To read the original article and check out the salary attached to these 10 skills, click here.


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Which other skills would you add? Not sure why Hadoop, Spark and Hive are not listed. I would add deep learning, though it is not considered as a skill but rather, a body of knowledge.

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