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[New Book] Unblocked: How Blockchains Will Change Your Business

Imagine it’s 1994 and the dawn of the internet. In many waysit is. Entrepreneurs are once again laying the rails for a new digital world. And, just like the first digital revolution, this one will again transform the way we live, work and play. The technology known as blockchain is poised to disrupt entrenched industries and shatter today’s business models. With so much at stake, how do you prepare?


Unblocked takes you past the hype and insider technobabble to show you what blockchains are, why they matter (even if you think they don’t), and how they’re going to change your business. Unblocked explains:

  • Why ignoring this technology now exposes you to competitive disruption
  • What innovation is coming in this next era—no technical background required
  • Why blockchains could be a new growth strategy for some businesses
  • How to guide your business to respond to the coming shift

About the Author

Alison McCauley is a speaker, author, and CEO and Founder of Unblocked Future. She is also a contributor to Forbes, where she writes about the impact of emerging technology on our world. A social scientist by training, she’s spent her career studying the intersection of human behavior and emerging technology, with 20 years of consulting to technology-first startups and Fortune-500 companies across industries including healthcare, education, telecommunications, energy, retail, finance, hospitality, and manufacturing. Before she fell down the blockchain rabbit hole, Alison focused her work on data science and analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

The book is available here

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