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Finding the Unfound

Interesting nowadays is integration, the idea preconized by Intrinsic Vagueness it is either synthetisers or specifiers.


Our age demands agility, and novelty 24/7. We do not want to be entertained: we want to be on the lead, informed, and mastering our world like the gods many have adored throughout their lives.


We visit YouTube, and watch their videos because they give us a slice of all that matters in a flash, we can watch them at our own time, and, regardless of the power of our machines, we get their messages.

At the moment, many prefer to learn what Anonymous is doing on YouTube to watching TV, and getting the monotonous repetition of the daily news.


YouTube will soon have differentiated, and millennial statistics: a special page will be on offer, a page called Differentiated Statistics.

Every Google search will give us a link to a special page like that, so that the couple awesome and explosion will instantaneously generate an image of quite a few links split into two columns: governmental, and private interests. In the Governmental Interest column, links to pages the governmental machines have accessed, and, in the Private Interest column, links to pages the non-governmental machines have accessed.

Further classifications, and therefore further column-splits would appear according to number of views: Fuzzy Levels would become a reality at that stage of our virtual study.

On the 0 to 1 column,  links to hoaxes, so fireworks of minor dimension, like the star producers that kids play with, and, on the 9 to 10 column, things like atomic bombs.


Inside of that 0 to 1 or 9 to 10 column, we will also find a search tool through which we can perform another Google search, so perhaps a subsearch, but, this time, we will be able to locate records that lie exclusively inside of that Fuzzy Band, so inside of the 0 to 1 or 9 to 10 column. 

It is time for a change, but many classes of professionals are not yet putting the effort that is needed for the transition to be smooth: non-millennial productions to millennial ones. When all professionals in the world align their thinking, their emanations may resonate with God’s emanations, and eternal peace, and harmony might be the result.

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