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DSC Webinar Series: Data Prep & Automated ML: Better Predictions for Consensus

  • Sean Welch 

Financed smartphones are a magnet for identity theft, leaving retailers in the digital and telecommunication industry vulnerable to fraud. Consensus, a Target-owned subsidiary, has developed a highly accurate solution to identify fraud at the point-of-sale before it happens.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, you will learn how Consensus put together agile processes on a cloud analytic solution leveraging Trifacta data preparation and DataRobot automated machine learning to prevent fraud.

Attendees will learn:

• How Consensus developed an AWS cloud-based solution
• The role of data preparation in supplying accurate data for machine learning models
• How automated machine learning can drive more accurate predictions
• Consensus’s time-saving ROI from building models, deploying them on AWS, and the improvement in accuracy and recall

David McNamara, Lead Product Specialist – Trifacta
Harrison Lynch, Sr. Director of PM – Consensus Corporation
Rajiv Shah, Data Scientist – DataRobot

Hosted by:
Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director – Data Science Central