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The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book

New book, in progress. By Andriy Burkov, Machine Learning Team Leader at Gartner.

The following chapters are currently available:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: Supervised Learning

Chapter 2: Notation and Definitions
Chapter 3: Fundamental Algorithms
Chapter 4: Anatomy of a Learning Algorithm
Chapter 5: Basic Practice
Chapter 6: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

You can access this book here (Wiki page.) The wiki contains pages that extend some book chapters with additional information: Q&A, code snippets, further reading, tools, and other relevant resources.

This book is distributed on the “read first, buy later” principle. The author strongly believes that paying for the content before consuming it is buying a pig in a poke. You can see and try a car in a dealership before you buy it. You can try on a shirt or a dress in a department store. You have to be able to read a book before paying for it.

The read first, buy later principle implies that you can freely download the book, read it and share it with your friends and colleagues. If you liked the book, only then you have to buy it.

Enjoy your reading!


Figure 2 in chapter 3: Over-fitting illustration

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