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Automated Linear Regression for Really, Really Big Data

What do you think about Inora, a company that advertises itself as the New Linear Regression Approach – Scalable to Big Data. Our data scientist also developed automated regression for big data, offering source code, even an Excel implementation, and comparing his results with traditional regression techniques. Click here for details. 

This type of product raises another issue: is linear regression a technique worth using on very large data sets? This article disagrees on this. This one also cites concerns about regression in general. 

Having said that, I would love to hear a different opinion. What other companies offer reliable, totally automated regression? How do they compare to Inora? At least Inora offers free source code, but limited to 1,000 observations They seem to think that more than 1,000 observations qualifies as big data, and thus should be charged a license fee. Here are some of their selling points:

  • The InoraRAE (Robust Analytical Evaluation) is an ADI (Artificial Deterministic Intelligence) program, in this case applied to linear regression. The ADI software creates value by automatically detecting unexpected deviations and finds the true behavior of the data set, with no human intervention.
  • The InoraRAE does not use any human decisions, rules or inputs when analyzing data. This provides unbiased data analysis and instant access to the true behavior of the data.
  • This software version of the InoraRAE Linear Regression is for personal and/or educational use only. It is limited to a maximum of 1,000 data points and two-class functionality (finding expected vs. unexpected only


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