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47 New External Data Science / Machine Learning Resources and Articles

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  1. Authoring Books with R Markdown 
  2. Feature Selection: The 10-dimensional burrito 
  3. From scatter plot to slope chart 
  4. Using Big Data for Machine Learning Analytics in Manufacturing 
  5. A Complete Tutorial on Linear Regression with R 
  6. Statistical Computing with Stata 
  7. Build an AI Writer – Machine Learning for Hackers – Video
  8. Demystifying linear regression and feature selection 
  9. Monitoring A/B experiments in real-time 
  10. JupyterLab: the next generation of the Jupyter Notebook 
  11. Cheat Sheets for Web Developers 
  12. How to Start Learning Deep Learning 
  13. How to evaluate Data Science models ? 
  14. Variable selection vs Model selection 
  15. Anomaly detection with normal distribution 


Source: double-starred article (below)


  1. A Refresher on Statistical Significance 
  2. Current Trends in Machine Learning 
  3. How Machine Learning Can Help Increase Cybersecurity 
  4. Extraordinary Link Between Deep Neural Networks and the Nature of t… 
  5. Big Data’s Mathematical Mysteries 
  6. Every Data Science Interview Boiled Down To Five Basic Questions 
  7. How fog computing pushes IoT intelligence to the edge 
  8. How Hillary’s Campaign is Using Big Data 
  9. Machine learning’s next trick is generating videos from photos 
  10. Machine learning just got more human with Google’s RankBrain 
  11. RIP Big Data 
  12. Why do traffic jams sometimes form for no reason? 
  13. Data Mining Reveals the Six Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling 
  14. visualization of people commuting to work to Manhattan *
  15. Machine Learning over 1M hotel reviews finds interesting insights 
  16. Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview 
  17. Data Science Tops List of Fields with Massive Potential 
  18. NFL likely to insert data chips into game balls 
  19. Statistics Denial, Applied Statistics Is A Way Of Thinking, Not Jus… 
  20. EU citizens might get a ‘right to explanation’ about the decisions … 
  21. ML algorithms calculate water’s freezing point 
  22. An executive’s guide to machine learning 
  23. 3 blossoming fields of study with massive potential – #1 is data science
  24. Artificial Intelligence’s White Guy Problem 
  25. Machine learning helps scientists discover new materials 
  26. Fighting ISIS With an Algorithm, Physicists Try to Predict Attacks 
  27. Energy Production & Changing Energy Sources **
  28. The Hitchhiker Guide To A.I. 
  29. How to navigate a city without using any street names 
  30. Google given access to healthcare data of up to 1.6 million patients 
  31. Man writes words with his voice 
  32. Machine learning has boosted Google’s translation capabilities to n… 

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