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12 thought leaders on LinkedIn who are creating original content to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


I often use this quote from Isaac Newton in my teaching.

AI is a vast and a complex subject. No matter how much you know –  you realise that there is really a vast amount more to learn. So, my way of learning a subject as complex and dynamic as AI, is to share my insights. This helps me to refine my own thinking.

I also follow others who do.I shared this list with my students of 12 thought leaders on LinkedIn who are creating original content to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I hope you like it to and can learn from these influencers as I have also. This will be a living document, so if you can suggest others, please comment below or suggest to me and I shall update it.

Some comments on how I created this list

  • I have included people who create original and authoritative content
  • I have excluded people who share a lot of content from others – but do not create original work. Maybe that will be another list because such a list is also very useful to spot trends
  • Obviously, the list is about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – but it is also limited by my knowledge. For example, I no longer follow the R language. Hence, excludes people in that community (which I am happy to include based on comments)
  • Many of these leaders are either teachers, authors or both.
  • As far as I can see, they all have a genuine ethos to share, improve and upskill people and they all spend a lot of time sharing their work
  • I have excluded myselves from this list !  although I come in the same criteria because the list is about people who I have learnt from

I have also excluded influencers who run communities or are very well known in the industry. I suspect, most people are already following them. So, the list does not include people below who I very much recommend that you follow (if you are not already)

So, here is the list of folks I have learnt from – and so can you


Not so active on LinkedIn, but  I recommend Chris Albon – his website Chris Albon is extensive and includes code in cookbook form which I like

To conclude, I believe that these thought leaders genuine care about the free flow of knowledge

  • Andriy – with his free book
  • Cassie – with her multi-lingual translations
  • Brandon – who once posted about difficulties of AI content being accessible from all countries 

If you know anyone else I should include based on the above criteria, please let me know

About Me:

Ajit Jaokar is the course director for the Artificial intelligence: Cloud and Edge implementations course at the University of Oxford. The views expressed in this article are his own and do not belong to any organisation he is associated with. Except otherside stated above, he has no commercial association with any of the members in this list. Please follow Ajit Jaokar to stay in touch

Image source today in science – Isaac Newton Quotations


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