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Tutorial: Statistical Tests of Hypothesis

This article is a solid introduction to statistical testing, for beginners, as well as a reference for practitioners. It includes numerous examples as well as illustrations and definitions for concepts such as rejecting the null hypothesis, one sample hypothesis testing, P-values, critical values, and Bayesian hypothesis testing. It has references to additional topics, such as 

  • What is Ad Hoc Testing?
  • What is a Rejection Region?
  • What is a Two Tailed Test?
  • How to Decide if a Hypothesis Test is a One Tailed Test or a Two Tailed Test.
  • How to Decide if a Hypothesis is a Left Tailed Test or a Right-Tailed Test.
  • How to State the Null Hypothesis in Statistics.
  • How to Find a Critical Value.
  • How to Support or Reject a Null Hypothesis.


Picture: When to use ANOVA?

You can read this tutorial here. For specific popular tests, check the following links below, from the same source:

For non standard tests, follow this link

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