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R Users’ Salaries from the 2019 Stackoverflow Survey

Interesting analysis done in R, about salaries of R developers broken down by country, featuring salary range and median salary. 

The dataset consists of survey answers from nearly 90,000 respondents. About 5,000 of them reported using R for “extensive development work over the past year”. The first filter used reduces the dataset from 88,883 respondents to 5,048. The second filter excludes students, hobby programmers and former developers. This reduces the dataset to 4,047 respondents. The third filter excludes unemployed and retired respondents and the dataset is further reduced to 3,871 respondents. Finally, we exclude respondents from an unknown country and respondents with unknown or zero salary.

The full analysis with R code and numerous illustrations, is available here. Below is a chart summarizing the findings. 


For other salary surveys, follow this link.

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