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Data-science-related careers and what it takes to succeed in this sphere?

To begin with, data scientists are professionals in the field of information mining, collecting, and analyzing. Since these people solve existing and potential problems in the companies of any kind, they are highly appreciated on the market.

I suppose you already know this. Maybe, you even work in data science but want to develop in your sphere. Then check out the following.


Data science careers

Apart from data science, you can learn business analytics, information systems, cybersecurity, health informatics, geological information systems, data analysis for public policy, computer engineering, or computer science.

The career choice in these areas is wide enough to satisfy any need. For example, if you are a cybersecurity major, you can work as an IT Security Architect, a Digital Forensics Analyst, or even become a Chief Security Officer.

Computer engineers are helpful in Research and Development sciences, computer manufacturing, computer systems design, etc.

Computer science graduates are welcome in the world of software application managing, IT strategy. They often work as Chief Technology or Information Officers or assistant professors of computer science.

Master’s programs for data science graduates

Good news: you don’t have to attend lectures and practical lessons every day because there are many online master’s programs available.

Moreover, you can choose from full- or part-time programs. A full-time program presupposes enrollment to a year-long course, whereas part-time options offer a three-year studying program with obligatory attending of the two classes per semester.

Piece of Motivation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a statistician occupation is about to add 3,500 jobs, and computer programming sphere is looking to have 43,700 jobs more until the end of 2020!

Computer and information research scientists’ wage is around $118,370 a year. By 2026, this occupation will have added 5,400 more new jobs.

Data science has proved to be one of the leading spheres on the market so far. There is no time to wait! If you are interested, click here to see more information on the topic.

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