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Interactive Packaging: How to Make Packaging Smarter with AI and IoT

  • Nikita Godse 
Interactive Packaging: How to Make Packaging Smarter with AI and IoT

Today, Packaging is not just about covering a product for a better sale. Interactive packaging is a new trend in the packaging industry which mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and engagement. BLE codes, AI, and IoT are key technologies in interactive packaging which is helping users with the product attributes and user instructions. Also, Incorporation of RFID labels and NFC innovation helps in decreasing the operational and strategic cost.

The utilization of interactive packaging to carry product branding to another level is filling the development as it makes a physical and a visual effect on the customer. The rising requirement to decrease advertising and sales promotion prices is contributing to the growth of interactive packaging as it helps in self-promotion and branding.

Nevertheless, the high introductory cost engaged with interactive packaging is restricting the development of its market. The utilization of non-recyclable materials in interactive packaging; builds the carbon impression and in this way, such items can’t accomplish GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) along with other certifications. In addition, the exhaustive advantages of the interactive packaging can’t be acquired until the time various types of packaging innovations are coordinated into one framework. 

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Key Features:

• Authentication

• Open Sensor

• Track and Trace

• Temperature Sensor

• Best Before Warnings

• Reordering Action

• Digital E-Labels

• Real-Time Offers

• Smart Warehouses

Conclusion: Interactive Packaging features allow companies to increase their flexibility and provide a better experience to consumers which turned to increase the sales of brands.