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Google is Rethinking its Business – What About You?

This article was written by Damian Mingle.

Google recently started promoting automated machine learning (what they call AutoML) – something that DataRobot customers have been doing for years. So what is driving Google to now embrace this transformative approach? Guest blogger Damian Mingle explains. 

Google is Rethinking its Business – What About You?

You might be asking yourself why Google, a company with over $600 billion in market cap, is rethinking its business, and if it has any relevance to your own business. In truth, Google is a business like any other, but beyond their P&L they represent an attitude towards disruption with technology. While there is considerable evidence of this, here are few recent examples:

  • Google search now ranks differently using machine learning
  • Google Maps Street View automatically recognizes signs
  • Video calling uses machine learning for low-bandwidth situations

As a business person, it may be difficult to connect with a few esoteric statements about Google, so let me create a scenario for you to consider. Which organization do you think is more likely to succeed in today’s business environment – Business A or Business B?

  • Business A: an organization that uses a 30-day lag report on the number of items sold to indicate both how they are doing and what they should do next.
  • Business B: an organization that uses an automated machine learning technology, like DataRobot, in a way that they can predict the likelihood of what they will sell next month, predict price fluctuations, use their website data to identify client questions which have the same intent to provide the optimal response, predict which products a customer will purchase again, predict which recommended content each user will click, pair products with people every time they visit their site, maximize sales and minimize returns based on transaction data, predict the likelihood of which clients may leave them and what month that will happen over the next year, and combine various data sources with their own organic data to allow for the business to have increased context for decision making.

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