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DSC Weekly 30 January 2024

  • Scott Thompson 


  • Developing high-quality software can quickly devolve into a chaotic, unproductive mess without the proper processes and frameworks in place. Organizations require not only the right coding tools but also effective testing and deployment solutions to ensure the highest quality software is what hits the market. The proliferation of generative AI, open-source technologies and low-code/no-code tools can streamline and enhance developer tasks but only if they are applied as part of a bigger strategy that empowers developers to innovate more efficiently. Tune into the Software Development Methodologies summit to hear leading experts share the latest development tools and trends to smooth over and enhance what quickly becomes a complicated process.
  • Sustainable IT is the backbone of the green economy. As businesses become increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence and other resource-intensive technologies, actionable measures need to be taken to reduce the environmental and social impact of technological innovation. Tune into the upcoming Achieving IT Sustainability Goals summit to hear leading experts discuss strategies for tracking carbon emissions metrics, enhancing direct current energy efficiency, optimizing data usage, and other methods to help design a sustainable IT strategy that delivers tangible results. 

Top Stories

  • GenAI regulation: Are deepfakes indicative of free will in LLMs?
    January 30, 2024
    by David Stephen
    When generative AI is given a prompt to display an image in a certain way or style, what it also means is telling AI to imagine. The request to imagine is an acknowledgment that it has a will to do so, not just the capability [or the possession of contents] to do so.
  • High-performance computing’s role in real-time graph analytics
    January 30, 2024
    by Alan Morrison
    A podcast with CEO Ricky Sun of Ultipa Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Relationship-rich graph structures can be quite complex and resource consuming to process at scale when using conventional technology. This is particularly the case when it comes to searches that demand the computation to reach 30 hops or more into the graphs. 
  • Search is Dead, Long Live Search!
    January 26, 2024
    by Vincent Granville
    This article is more about building better LLM and GPT-like applications, than search. Yet most people use GPT as a substitute for search. Indeed, OpenAI replaced search by prompt (the same thing, in the end) probably because the founders thought that there has to be something better.


  • A glance at natural language processing
    January 30, 2024
    by Rayan Potter
    Natural language processing (NLP) is a discipline where machines are built with the main aim of manipulating human language or data resembling human language in the manner it is written, spoken and organized. It has originated from computational linguistics that makes use of computer science for understanding the principles of language.
  • Choosing the right technique: Prompt engineering vs fine-tuning
    January 30, 2024
    by Matthew McMullen
    Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications have been revolutionizing many industries for the last decade, but due to generative AI models like ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, etc., they have become more popular and are being used by individuals and businesses that might never have previously considered using them.
  • From MLOps to LLMOps— and hardware headaches ahead
    January 29, 2024
    by Saqib Jan
    A model on its own is typically not enough. It requires the data, which comes in a very specific format and has to be the same format that will be used at the time of inference or prediction. But the reality, on the other hand, is that data changes all the time, and sometimes even data formats change.
  • Top 7 Use Cases of Gen AI in FinTech
    January 29, 2024
    by Yana Ihnatchyck
    In 2024, the fusion of AI and financial technology is not just a wave of the future – it’s a rapidly evolving present. Artificial Intelligence, especially the latest generation (Gen AI), is revolutionizing the FinTech sector, reshaping how we interact with our finances, and introducing groundbreaking changes in the industry.
  • Revolutionizing healthcare with chatbots: A humanized exploration
    January 29, 2024
    by Ahana Pearl
    In recent years, the integration of chatbots in healthcare has transcended mere operational assistance, expanding into a realm of innovative solutions for complex challenges. This article explores the versatile applications of healthcare chatbots, shedding light on their transformative impact on patient care and medical processes.
  • DSC Weekly 23 January 2024
    January 23, 2024
    by Scott Thompson
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