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DSC Weekly 23 January 2024


  • Generative AI signifies a pivotal shift in today’s technological landscape. It promises profound insights, streamlined operations, and assistance with data-driven decisions on an unprecedented scale. However, GenAI also brings forth ethical and regulatory considerations that require attention for modern businesses seeking to capitalize on the still-evolving technology. Register for the Enterprise Strategy Group’s upcoming GenAI Summit​ to engage with thought leaders as they navigate the intricate dilemmas, evolving regulatory landscape, and responsible AI practices that maximize the benefits of GenAI technology and mitigate inherent risks and biases.​
  • Sustainable IT is the backbone of the green economy. As businesses become increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence and other resource-intensive technologies, actionable measures need to be taken to reduce the environmental and social impact of technological innovation. Tune into the upcoming Achieving IT Sustainability Goals summit to hear leading experts discuss strategies for tracking carbon emissions metrics, enhancing direct current energy efficiency, optimizing data usage, and other methods to help design a sustainable IT strategy that delivers tangible results. 

Top Stories

  • GenAI: Beware the Productivity Trap; It’s About Cultural Empowerment – Part 3
    January 20, 2024
    by Bill Schmarzo
    2024 promises to be a breakout year for Generative AI (GenAI) and AI. However, there are two challenges that organizations will face in 2024 to “leverage AI to get value from their data.” Challenge #1: Too much focus is on “implementing AI” and not enough on gaining organizational alignment regarding where and how value will be created using AI.
  • The future of cloud computing in business operations
    January 18, 2024
    by Manoj Kumar
    The digital era has witnessed the remarkable evolution of cloud computing, transforming it into a cornerstone of modern business operations. This technology, which began as a simple concept of centralized data storage, has now evolved into a complex and dynamic ecosystem, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
  • The AI radiologists replacement saga: Don’t be misled by the scaremongering – science v.s. science fiction
    January 22, 2024
    by Ajit Jaokar
    Seven years ago, an unexpected nationwide shortage of radiologists was triggered by a single statement from Professor Geoffrey Hinton. The statement was:“I think if you work as a radiologist, you are like the Wilie E Coyote in the cartoon.


  • How (and when?) to hire a data scientist
    January 23, 2024
    by Saqib Jan
    Ten years ago, data was something an analyst reviewed and handed over to people who were going to use it. Now, businesses run on data, with automated processes, machine learning models, and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people in the organization using data daily.
  • The impact of emerging technologies on data excellence
    January 23, 2024
    by Ovais Naseem
    Data is the lifeblood of our digital world. We crave it, analyze it, and base decisions on it. But a hidden truth lurks beneath the glossy surface of charts and graphs: our data is often a muddy mess. Inconsistent, riddled with errors, and prone to manipulation, it can lead to faulty insights, misguided decisions, and even financial losses. 
  • Choosing the right machine learning algorithm for business success
    January 23, 2024
    by John Lee
    Machine learning can be overwhelming with its variety of tasks. Most tasks can be solved with a few ML algorithms. You need to be aware of which algorithms to select, when to apply them, what parameters to take into consideration, and how to test them.
  • Unlocking team productivity: Integrating data analytics into your Slack workflow
    January 22, 2024
    by Karen Anthony
    In a technology of rapid digital transformation, leveraging records analytics and collaborative tools may be a sport changer. One such integration that is proving to be impactful is that of data analytics with Slack. This effective merger provides teams with the capability to engage and make selections based totally on actual-time insights.
  • How to build a robust data science portfolio from scratch
    January 19, 2024
    by Rob Turner
    It’s always wise to craft a killer data science portfolio if you want to get noticed in this increasingly competitive and in-demand niche. Of course, achieving this is easier said than done, particularly if you’re getting started with nothing more than a dream of eventual career success.
  • DSC Weekly 16 January 2024
    January 16, 2024
    by Scott Thompson
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  • Graph databases: Unveiling the hidden connections in unstructured data
    January 16, 2024
    by Ovais Naseem
    Traditional relational databases struggle with unstructured data – the text, images, videos, and social media feeds that flood our modern world. But graph databases, with their unique structure, offer a powerful tool for taming this chaos and extracting valuable insights. Here’s how they bring a game-changing perspective to unstructured data analytics.