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DSC Weekly 22 March 2023 – GPT-4: Chatbots and Data Prep Ain’t What They Used To Be


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GPT-4: Chatbots and Data Prep Ain’t What They Used To Be

With the recent launch of OpenAI’s GPT-4, Google Bard and Anthropic’s Claude, reporters on the AI beat this week got to compare and contrast three prominent large language model (LLM) chatbot approaches. Their initial conclusion seems to be that all three have comparable issues, but that Bard and Claude are struggling the most. GPT-4 at this point seems to give users more of what they’re looking for.

While reporters have seemed to focus on the ability of GPT-4 to pass exams like the LSAT, others are exploring more practical use cases. Consider the savvy users (whether individuals or companies) who’ve had years now to acquaint themselves with LLMs in general. 

Former Data Science Central community editor Kurt Cagle, for instance, has homed in on ChatGPT’s utility in knowledge graph data prep, such as for creating RDF triples in Turtle, or generating tables of specific periodic table elements according to a particular schema. Or prepping the markdown input for a diagramming tool such as Mermaid to accelerate the illustration generation process.

I’m amazed by the steady productivity and sheer competence of founder Sal Khan and how he’s led the evolution of the nonprofit Khan Academy over the past 15 years. When Microsoft first announced GPT-4, Khan was announcing the incorporation of GPT-4 into its interactive tutoring environment. You can find my take on what Khan’s been doing and how Khan Academy Built Guardrails Around GPT-4. The main question: Are they enough?

I’ve had mixed feelings about generative AI and continue to believe that GPTx is only one hand clapping when it comes to many tasks. But it’s encouraging to see how well thoughtful humans are adapting and finding creative uses for these tools.

Alan Morrison

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DSC Weekly 22 March 2023 – GPT-4: Chatbots and Data Prep Ain’t What They Used To Be