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DSC Weekly 14 March 2023 – Our Revamped Submission Guidelines


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DSC Weekly 14 March 2023 – Our Revamped Submission Guidelines

Our Revamped Submission Guidelines

Since our migration to WordPress, we have been looking to solidify a set of guidelines for writers to look at prior to submitting that will give them a rough idea of the quality standards the editors are looking for. Many of you will be familiar with our Tips and Tricks page and the page detailing the process to submit articles. While these pages have served to guide new writers to our inbox, it doesn’t do much for existing writers to know what we look for in an article. This list is by no means comprehensive or all-inclusive, but it is the first step in our efforts to increase communication between the DSC contributors and editors. A more complete list of guidelines will follow this small list, but below is a short summary of what to expect.

Length Requirements

We do not currently have length requirements for articles. This means that there is no minimum or maximum word count, but that does come with a caveat. Articles that are too short often lack substance and may not meet quality standards. Long articles have more space to explore their ideas, but it is possible to be excessive. If you notice that your article is much longer than others on Data Science Central, consider trimming it. Another option for longer articles is to split them into a multi-part series. This allows your article to be readable for most audiences while also including all the information you want to mention.

Grammar and Formatting

We understand that English is not everyone’s first language and that many people are still learning. We ask that writers try their best and submit their articles in English to the best of their ability. Our editors will work to correct and clean any grammar errors or clunky wording. If it is too rough, we will ask the writers to amend it and resubmit. We are very careful to maintain the integrity of your writing, but sometimes that is not possible.

Alongside grammar, formatting can provide clarity and improve cleanliness. The WordPress editor has extensive formatting tools to make use of, but do not overuse these. This means that titles are to be H1 headers, unbolded, and unitalicized. Subheads are H2, and so on. Similarly, links are not bolded and the anchor text should clearly describe the link location.

Topics and Business Relations

Data Science Central is a site focused on data science and adjacent topics. We will not publish articles relating to unrelated topics. You can try to make your case for including some off-topic articles. We will look at them on a case-by-case basis with extra scrutiny for topics that do not align. This also applies to articles with ulterior motives. We do allow marketing links toward the end of an article, but don’t guarantee that links will be included. Similarly, we’ll cut out an excessive number of links for clarity and to improve reader experience. We also ask that you make your relationship with the company clear if you have any conflicts of interest.

As always, thank you for reading Data Science Central and we look forward to great new content from our members.

Scott Thompson
Associate Editor

Contact The DSC Team if you are interested in contributing.

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DSC Weekly 14 March 2023 – Our Revamped Submission Guidelines