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DSC Weekly 11 April 2023 – Redefining “No-Code” Development Platforms


  • In this session, you’ll review the zero trust framework from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Cisco approach to zero trust security. See Cisco’s approach to XDR that enables automation and monitoring across your infrastructure, in action with demos and customer case studies.
  • A well-designed data architecture enables effective data management, fosters a modern data-driven work culture, and delivers analytics to help organizations make smarter business decisions. This is a straightforward concept, but there are several considerations and steps for creating a successful data architecture. Attend the three-day Data Architecture Best Practices summit for expert insights and resources to help you build and manage a data architecture that leverages data intelligence to solve the business problems of today and the future.

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Redefining “No-Code” Development Platforms

I recently watched a video from Blizzard Entertainment Game Director Wyatt Cheng on ChatGPT’s ability to create a simple video game from scratch. While the art assets were not created by ChatGPT, the AI program Midjourney created the program using rough sketches and text prompts. Cheng created this challenge for himself with the restriction that the AI language model would write every line of code.

As seen in the video, ChatGPT was capable of creating a six-step plan to create a functional game based on Cheng’s initial input. Cheng outlined the broad features he was asking for, and AI provided step-by-step instructions for how to implement each step. This is not surprising — ChatGPT’s coding capabilities have been demonstrated numerous times in various applications. What is surprising, is ChatGPT’s ability to make revisions and iterate on that original code like a human would. In a few cases, Cheng asked the AI to change how a feature functioned and pointed out errors in logic. Despite some cases where AI has shown to be stubborn or unable to accept new information, ChatGPT recognized the flaws and amended them in the code.

In the end, Cheng and ChatGPT were able to create a game that played like the 2013 game Flappy Bird using only basic text inputs, while refining the game required simply asking it to function differently. Cheng was already familiar with coding games with the Unity game engine, but this demonstration shows how this is changing with the power of AI. The ability for a non-developer to brainstorm a design and tell AI tech, “write me a program that does X, Y, and Z” is a huge step towards increasing accessibility and creating pathways for non-technical users to enter the programming space.

Scott Thompson
Associate Editor

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DSC Weekly 11 April 2023 – Redefining “No-Code” Development Platforms