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The Benefits of Using a Web Terminal for Modern Trading

  • Rumzz Bajwa 

Trading remains a popular activity among many users across the world. Recent trends indicate that this will not change anytime soon. The global trading market is projected to grow by nearly 7% over the next year, continuing a relatively stable trend over the last years. Web terminals have started to establish a firm position for themselves in the current landscape as well. They bring various benefits to the table, and some traders have started to switch to exclusively using web terminals for their daily operations at this point.

Reduced Latency

Since trades are executed on a remote server and not on the trader’s machine, this allows for a severely reduced latency in the trading experience. In fact, in some cases latency can be eliminated almost completely. Low-latency trading relies on a specifically developed infrastructure, which is probably why it took some time for it to become so widespread. Some companies on the market have been actively trying to get their servers closer to major exchanges to further reduce the latency in their operations.

Advanced Solutions for Risk Management

Working closely with an expert is no longer necessary for reducing the risk associated with trading. Platforms like the MetaTrader 5 Web Terminal have introduced various solutions for tackling certain risky operations, including stop loss, stop limits, and guaranteed stops. 

The Benefits of Using a Web Terminal for Modern Trading

These features – and others – can help users navigate the market with more confidence, knowing that there’s a lower risk of suffering from a sudden downturn.

Cross-platform Support

Traders are no longer limited to working on a specific machine either. Thanks to the remote nature of web trading terminals, users can now take advantage of their platform of choice regardless of their physical location or device availability. This has enabled traders to work on the go and take advantage of sudden changes in the market environment without compromising anything. And given the growing popularity of mobile devices compared to desktops, this change has been welcomed by a large number of users.

Low System Requirements

On a related note, traders don’t need access to powerful computers to perform their trades anymore. All complex operations are handled remotely on the web terminal’s server, meaning that the user only needs a basic device that can connect to the internet and browse sites.

This can promote easy scalability of trading operations as well. Traders can easily deploy multiple instances of a platform when they want to collaborate, instead of being limited to one or two devices with a limited processing capacity.

Improved Security

Sensitive data is no longer stored directly on the trader’s computer, making the overall experience more secure and reliable. Traders don’t need to worry about backing up their information either, as they know it’s stored remotely at all times. The importance of proper cybersecurity practices has been becoming growing over the last years, partly due to the popularity of trading platforms themselves and the increased attention to them from malicious actors. Currently, users only need to secure their login credentials and don’t have to worry about the rest of their related data.

The Benefits of Using a Web Terminal for Modern Trading

Closing Thoughts

Using a web terminal for trading has many advantages, some of which will continue to develop over the next years as the technology improves even further. While traditional trading terminals are likely not going away completely anytime soon, their market share is gradually getting taken over by web terminals and this will probably continue to be the case for some time.