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DSC Weekly 1 August 2023


  • With more data at your disposal than ever, data management and analytics have never been more critical to defining long-term success. Join the Managing Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments summit to explore how AI and ML are shaping the future of data analytics. You’ll discover strategies to implement deep learning, neural networks, RPA, NLP and more while harnessing dashboards and visualizations to give teams access to valuable, easy-to-digest, real-time data insights.
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs empower organizations of all industries and sizes to better manage crucial activities within the company – boosting the effectiveness of people, business processes, technology, and other vital business elements. At the upcoming Building Resilience Through GRC Strategies summit, gain valuable insights from experts and industry leaders regarding risk mitigation, compliance requirements, best practices and pitfalls of GRC programs, and more. Register for free and gain access to live webinars, fireside chats and keynote presentations from the world’s leading GRC innovators, vendors and evangelists.

Top Stories

  • The Rise of the Dual Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer
    August 1, 2023
    by Vincent Granville
    There are thousands of articles explaining the differences between data scientist and machine learning engineer. Data science gets broken down even further, with data analysts contrasted to researchers. Professionals skilled in all these domains are called unicorns and believed not to exist.
  • Human-centered data networking with interpersonal knowledge  graphs
    July 31, 2023
    by Alan Morrison
    “If you start by creating your data, then it’s like you are piling up some value or you’re creating some assets,” WordLift CEO Andrea Volpini told me in our recent FAIR Data Forecast interview. Volpini’s an advocate for adding structured data such as Schema.org to your content.
  • Introduction to “AI & Data Literacy: Empowering Citizens of Data Science”
    July 29, 2023
    by Bill Schmarzo
    One of the reasons that I moved back to Iowa last year was that I saw an opportunity to work with local educational institutions to create an AI Institute for organizations in middle America that either get overlooked in the AI conversation or are unsure what AI means to them.