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DSC Weekly 25 July 2023


  • With numerous cyber threats lurking and many available attack vectors, organizations must have a comprehensive view of what they are up against and how to best face possible attacks. Join the Enabling Threat Detection and Response summit to hear from leading experts about the most common, pervasive threats striking companies, the best monitoring and analytics strategies out to there to quell them, and the most effective methods for stopping threats.
  • With more data at your disposal than ever, data management and analytics have never been more critical to defining long-term success. Join the Managing Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments summit to explore how AI and ML are shaping the future of data analytics. You’ll discover strategies to implement deep learning, neural networks, RPA, NLP and more while harnessing dashboards and visualizations to give teams access to valuable, easy-to-digest, real-time data insights.

Top Stories

  • The AI content + data mandate and personal branding
    July 25, 2023
    by Alan Morrison
    Fair Data Forecast Interview with Andreas Volpini, CEO of WordLift Andreas Volpini believes every user who wants to build a personal brand online has to proactively curate their online presence first. He sees structured data (semantic entity and attribute metadata such as Schema.org) as key to building a cohesive, disambiguated personal presence online. Volpini has…
  • AI is a child: How do we raise it?
    July 24, 2023
    by Dan Allen
    In October 2022, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy published “The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: Making Automated Systems Work for the American People”. This attention from our government given to what could be called an AI EQ (emotional quotient) is reminiscent of how-to parent or raise a child.
  • Generative AI megatrends: Are companies using the excuse of AI to get rid of jobs?
    July 24, 2023
    by ajitjaokar
    In this blog, I will now focus on generative AI megatrends. By that, I mean, trends and underlying trends that could be big in the future – focusing on the technology of LLM but also the wider impact of LLMs on the economy and society. I will hence identify and follow some key trends –…


  • From automation to optimization: How AI is revolutionizing digital marketing campaigns
    July 25, 2023
    by Erika Balla
    Welcome to the exciting world of digital marketing! In this blog, we’ll delve into this thrilling frontier where optimization meets automation and Artificial Intelligence is at the center. No longer must manual labor and guesswork play an essential part in developing effective marketing strategies; with AI’s capabilities now at their disposal, marketers with digital presence… 
  • Sentience: Consciousness is inessential for LLMs, AI
    July 24, 2023
    by David Stephen
    There is a recent paper in Synthese, Qualia share their correlates’ locations, where the abstract stated that “This paper presents the location-sharing argument, which concludes that qualia must share the locations of their physical correlates. The first premise is a consequence of relativity: If something shares a time with a physical event in all reference… 
  • Innovations in predictive analytics: ML and generative AI
    July 24, 2023
    by Prasanna Chitanand
    With the introduction of ChatGPT-3 and DALL-E2, the majority of investors started showing interest in businesses building generative AI. Moreover, the fact is generative AI is not enough to reach the needs of the AI revolution. The success of predictive models is relevant to the science fiction future that the majority of the customers want… 
  • How to manage real-time data in the digital age
    July 21, 2023
    by Anas Baig
    In today’s tech-driven world, data is like gold. It’s becoming more and more common for companies to use real-time, or live, data to make informed decisions, improve the service they give to customers, and get a leg up on the competition. But handling real-time data can be tricky because there’s so much of it, it’s… 
  • Difference Between Modern and Traditional Data Quality – DQLabs
    July 20, 2023
    by Edwin Walker
    Modern data quality practices make use of new technology, automation, and machine learning to handle a variety of data sources, ensure real-time processing, and stimulate stakeholder collaboration. Data governance, continuous monitoring, and proactive management are prioritized to ensure accurate, reliable, and fit-for-purpose data for informed decision-making and corporate success. Modern data quality practices differ from… 
  • How much coding is needed in a data science career?
    July 20, 2023
    by Aileen Scott
    The most common question in people’s minds that are not from a technical background is how much coding is required to ace a data science career path. If you also have the same question, you are not alone. But, the surprising answer is “it depends”. Unarguably, coding is a crucial aspect and vital tool for… 
  • DSC Weekly 18 July 2023
    July 18, 2023
    by Scott Thompson
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